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Spectrum Work Order

Work Order Main ScreenSpectrum® Work Order makes managing a service department a quick, painless process. Easy to use, and supporting both time-and-material and flat-rate billing, Spectrum Work Order allows service departments to generate a new work order or manage an existing one with just a few clicks. Spectrum work orders can be quickly and easily dispatched with a drag-and-drop dispatch board, technicians can enter data from the field and customers can be invoiced with full accounting integration—all in one simple solution.

Better customer information means better customer engagement

Work Order Service ScreenSpectrum Work Order starts with the simple, yet powerful Service Request Screen. Here, service companies have a full record of the customers they’re communicating with—from complete, detailed customer information to full work order history.

Included in the Service Request Screen is valuable customer balance information. Users see alerts for items like past-due bills, customers who are over the credit limit, collections, special site alerts or service needs. Service managers will know—right away—if a there is a particularly difficult customer or special notes for the site. They can also drill down into Spectrum in real time to look at invoices, see payment histories and more.

Easily set up new service customers

Work Order Priority Zone ScreenCreating a Spectrum Work Order for new customers is almost as easy as creating a work order for existing customers. Simply enter basic customer data and notes about what service is needed. Spectrum, behind the scenes, will set up the customer and the site as the work order is created.

Easy Dispatch

Assign work orders to technicians using Spectrum’s Dispatch Board. The Dispatch Board is an intuitive chart that displays technicians’ scheduled work orders throughout the day. The schedule is configurable, sortable and filterable to provide users with multiple ways to view scheduled service work. Drag-and-drop features allow dispatchers to easily select open work orders and drag them into the Dispatch Schedule to assign.

Mobile support for technicians

Spectrum’s Field Tech mobile solution expands the reach of Spectrum Service and work order management to technicians and other operational staff in the field, providing them with the information and tools they need to manage their work orders. Technicians can enter labor, materials, other charges and even pull purchase orders with Field Tech. From tablet devices, technicians can see all work orders assigned to them, work order history, access maps and directions, upload photos, collect customer signatures and email signed work orders directly from the field. Signed work orders and photos from the field are saved with the work order using Spectrum’s Document Imaging.

Integrated accounting, better financial insight

Spectrum Work Order is not an add-on, third party product. It is fully integrated with Spectrum Accounting. This allows the flexibility to create true, direct-cost work orders. Data can be added to (and collected from) work orders from the accounting department or can be added from the field and pushed through to accounting. For example, collect time and labor information when creating and issuing work orders and have that information automatically update to payroll. Service work can be analyzed in real time to get actual profitability.

Streamlined billing process

Bill for service charges as soon as they come in or the work is underway rather than waiting until after the work is finished. Spectrum Work Order also allows users to write purchase orders against work orders. Bill for these parts in advance of receiving the invoice to keep cash flow moving.

Once work is completed and billed, simply set work order status to complete and move on to the next service job.


  • Easy-to-use work orders
  • Handles multiple billing formats
  • Intuitive Service Request Screen accommodates and displays a wealth of potential customer information
  • Complete historical record of previous and open service contracts or service work
  • Built in alerts provide most up-to-date customer information
  • Streamlined dispatch capabilities
  • Tools for effective mobile work order management
  • Complete integration with Spectrum Accounting


  • Simply create and manage work orders and service contracts
  • Provides complete picture of service customers, service sites and service work
  • Historical information at technicians’ fingertips whenever they need
  • Intuitive dispatching process makes work order management a simple process
  • Full integration with other Spectrum functionality saves time and avoids duplicate processes
  • Quicker, more accurate billing

The above Work Order application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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