Managing a construction business is hard enough without hard-to-use software. That’s why we designed Spectrum® Construction Software using the latest web-based technologies to create powerful yet easy-to-use construction software.

Spectrum is more than just in the cloud. It’s browser-based. That means you simply log in and start working from nearly any device with a web browser, anytime, anywhere.

Start out in Spectrum’s dashboard, where applications and information can be customized the way you want. Everyone in your company has access to the dashboard, giving you a powerful tool to share news and information.

Spectrum’s simple navigation puts you one-click away from everything. The dynamic Info-Bar presents information you need to see now, and anticipates what you’ll need to see next.

A convenient tabbing structure means you don’t have to open and close menus for different applications. With Spectrum, you simply launch a new tab to access the features or details you want.

A dashboard everyone can use, smart navigation, all of your information just one click away – and everything available from anywhere, anytime you need to work, Spectrum is a whole new way to manage your business and project information.