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Construction Industry's Talent Shortfall

Published July 2016 - Construction Business Owner

Fewer workers are returning to the industry, and training new generations of laborers could become a daunting challenge. It has become one of key issues for the industry to address for the present-day and long-term health of companies. How are companies turning to millennials & technology to bridge the skilled labor gap?

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Dexter + Chaney Construction Apps

Published January 2016 - Construction Executive

Since Dexter + Chaney redesigned it's Spectrum® Construction Software as a fully web-based platform for complete construction management several years ago, the company has been busy developing a host of mobile solutions to further streamline its clients operations.

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Virtualassemblyline Workflow

Published January 2015 - Construction Executive

A little more than a century ago, Henry Ford revolutionized the concept of manufacturing by introducing the assembly line at the Highland Park, Mich., plant of his Ford Motor Company. he idea was to speed the production and worklows behind the creation of automobiles by using interchangeable parts and following a series of logical steps to assemble those parts together into a inished product. Today, Ford’s assembly line concept is a mainstay of manufacturing worldwide—from cars to furniture, computers and more.

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Mobile Devices

Published December 2014 - Construction Executive

Software is used by different contractors in different ways. For some, it is a tool to accomplish tasks such as payroll and invoice processing. Others use more sophisticated software platforms to manage entire functions such as accounting, project management and human resources...

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Active Intellegence

Published November 2014 - CFMA Building Profits

At first glance, workflow appears to be a straightforward concept—a well-defined progression of activities that move a task or project from start to completion. Creating these well-defined workflows is easier in some industries than others.

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Con Exec Hot Company

Published October 2014 - Construction Executive

With the release of its Spectrum Workflow application, Dexter + Chaney gives users a powerful way to turn information into active business intellegence.

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Science Equip Mgmt P3 120px

Published September 2014 - Construction Executive

In the construction industry, mobile apps are being used to connect the field and the office. Contractors are using apps as part of their larger software systems for business, project and equipment management. Like the world at large, apps designed for construction now come in many different “flavors.”

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