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Subcontract Kiosk Application Brief

Subcontract Kiosk ManagerSubcontract Kiosk is a powerful tool that provides your authorized subcontractors and vendors an easy-to-use portal to use when supplying or updating vital information such as compliance certifications and progress billings. Delivered via the Spectrum Dashboard, Subcontract Kiosk can be used by an unlimited number vendors and subs to whom you grant access.

Multiple applications allow your vendors and your subs the ability to process billings, update compliance information, attach supporting documents using Document Imaging’s simple drag-and-drop feature, print activity and billing reports, and view information on their open subcontracts. The Subcontract Kiosk is seamlessly integrated with other Spectrum applications, ensuring that all your accounting and operations data is up-to-date.

My Subcontracts

The My Subcontracts app provides vendors with summary information about open subcontracts and facilitates access to enter progress billings.

Subcontract Kiosk - My Subcontracts

My Subcontract Warnings and Alerts

The My Subcontract Warnings and Alerts app provides a list of all outstanding compliance information that must be provided. Examples include expiring insurance certificates, lien releases and even required compliance documentation for your vendor and sub’s sub-tier vendors.

Subcontract Kiosk warnings

My Subcontract Manager

The My Subcontract Manager page provides an overview of a specific subcontract and allows the user to print an Activity Report and an Unapproved Billing Report. Compliance alerts display here as well.

My Subcontract Billing Entry

The My Subcontract Billing Entry page is a simple screen to enter the progress billing. Supporting documentation can be attached to the invoice using Document Imaging’s drag-and-drop capabilities. From here, the user submits the billing and it is automatically routed through Invoice Approval.

Subcontract Kiosk - Billing Entry

Subcontract Documentation

The Submit Documentation page provides the means for your subcontractors and vendor to send in compliance documentation for review.

Creating Spectrum Logons for Vendors and Subcontractors

Every vendor who accesses the Subcontract Kiosk must have a Spectrum Logon. These can be easily created and managed using the Manage Vendor Logons feature in Spectrum. This screen allows your Subcontract Administrator to quickly create Spectrum logons without accessing the standard Operator Security screen. They also can reset passwords and change the status of the logon from this one place as well.

Security access is tightly controlled. Access to data through the Subcontractor Kiosk is strictly limited to the current user’s vendor information. The access levels can be set and controlled easily by Spectrum administrators.

Subcontract Kiosk - Submit DocumentOpen access to data and move information smoothly. Subcontract Kiosk opens data access to all of your approved vendors/subcontractors without the need to purchase additional concurrent Spectrum licenses. For subcontractors, Subcontract Kiosk provides a secure way to submit their invoices and know they are instantly in the approval queue—meaning they get paid faster. For contractors, it provides full visibility into projects, where billings stand, and what invoices need to be paid. Project managers can also run reports and inquiries to make sure their projects are on track.

The above Subcontract Kiosk application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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