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Spectrum Ticketing DashboardWith paper-based scale ticket handling, which has been the standard in the construction industry, it can often be hard to read the tickets due to poor handwriting and/or damage to the tickets in transit. Worse, data is sometimes omitted, mistakes are made, or the tickets get lost. Plus, accounting must wait for the drivers to get the tickets back to the office to enter the information into their materials or business management software.

Enter Spectrum Ticketing, which provides a unified web, mobile and scale house solution for your bulk material weight ticketing, completely integrated with Spectrum accounting and materials management functionality. The system streamlines ticketing operations by providing centrally-managed control and real-time views into the companies’ scale and material production data.

A cloud-based solution, Spectrum Ticketing’s web portal automatically updates and provides real-time data when materials are collected and tickets are issued. The portal is synched with Spectrum’s Materials Management functionality where it informs all materials decisions, and ultimately other applications in Spectrum, including invoicing, job costing, project management and workflows.

Providing options to fit any ticketing needs

Spectrum Ticketing features three convenient ways where ticket data can be collected and automatically entered into the web portal:

  • A Scale-House PC client—This is a native Windows 10 application providing complete order, truck, and customer management at the scale-house, along with weigh ticket printing and connection to up to six scales
  • An unattended kiosk—This kiosk provides driver-enabled self-service ticketing with centralized management and updates
  • A mobile ticketing application—This platform offers smartphone-based ticketing using rugged mobile printer, and offers real-time synchronization and centralized management

There are two additional mobile apps associated with Spectrum Ticketing. One allows haulers to see how much material they’ve hauled or how many tickets and the material amounts they have been issued. The other allows customers to see material orders, how much has been delivered, estimated times of delivery, and more information.

A complete ticket management system

Spectrum Ticketing’s intuitive dashboard in the web portal gives you a snapshot summary of either all locations, or a selected location. From your dashboard, drill down into individual trucks, orders, or customers to view the load tickets for specified dates.

Using the Resources tab in the web portal, you can create, view and manage orders; set up new products, customers, or trucks; manage haulers you work with; set up billing terms and define tax codes; and set up your operating locations.

The web portal’s Ticket Query screen gives you granular access to ticket data. You can query based on many different options such as date ranges, region, yard number, order number, customer, invoice batch, and more. You can even query single ticket numbers. Tickets can be selected and edited as well, with revision notes to explain changes when edits are made. Queried ticket data can also be exported to Excel. Additionally, the Ticket Entry Screen allows you to add ticket data into the web portal for billing and reporting—a feature designed for trucking companies that receive scale tickets from outside quarries and companies.

The portal’s Devices tab allows user admins the ability to manage in-field ticketing devices. These include scale house PCs, mobile ticketing apps, and unattended kiosks. Each device can be assigned a specific ID, PIN and are tied to specific locations.

You decide the level of user access for the web portal to control who can see what load and ticket information. You can also provide your customers and haulers access the web portal to view information relevant to them.

Spectrum Ticketing Reporting

Integrated billing and detailed reporting

Spectrum Ticketing features a flexible billing system that integrates directly with Spectrum Accounting. Organize tickets into batches for easy invoicing to a customer or creating job requisitions. Once batches are defined, the system will automatically generate invoice numbers and group tickets into invoices by customers, customers and orders, customers and purchase orders, or billing modes. You can also maintain a detailed billing history.

Pull valuable production reports via the web portal through the powerful, built-in reporting tool. Reports can be customized based on many different criteria, and all reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or CSV files for further analysis.

Spectrum Ticketing operates with a simple internet connection, and you can work offline as well. Spectrum Ticketing is great for remote locations, and if theft of or damage to scale house computers occurs, your data stays safe and secure since all of your scale house data is managed and automatically backed up in the cloud.

Note: Spectrum Data Exchange is required for Spectrum Ticketing

Spectrum Ticketing mobile


  • Web-based centralized management across ticketing locations
  • Simplified real-time scale ticket delivery via Internet
  • Cross-platform web and mobile experience
  • Simple to install and deploy
  • Intuitive dashboard and user interfaces
  • Organizes ticket and load data how you want to see it
  • All scale house data is managed and automatically backed up in the cloud
  • Built-in, detailed reporting


  • Cloud-based framework provides real-time data
  • Easy-to-use interfaces and mobile applications
  • Lower cost to maintain and support infrastructure
  • Prevents lost, damaged, or unreadable paper tickets
  • Reduces errors and mistakes
  • Secure data and automatic data backup, ensuring no ticket data is ever lost

The above Spectrum Ticketing application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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