Spectrum Software Maintenance and Support Application Brief

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Spectrum Software Maintenance and Support

Spectrum Software Maintenance and SupportUsers of Spectrum® Construction Software benefit from a choice of maintenance plans that help ensure they get the most out of their investment in this leading construction software system. From expert support through product enhancements and training tools, your purchase of Spectrum means more than just buying software. You gain access to a family of product experts, developers, and fellow users who will enrich your Spectrum experience.

Live Support

When you need Spectrum support, Dexter + Chaney provides live access to a highly-trained team of pro–fessional software and systems experts. We never ask you to leave a message or type out a trouble ticket during normal support hours. Your call connects you to a Dexter + Chaney employee who can address your problem—live, in person, and right away.

Our wait times and call resolution times are among the lowest in the industry. Should you have an issue that cannot be resolved immediately, you can track our progress in finding that resolution by accessing your issue number via our online customer portal. And because Spectrum is often a mission-critical part of your operations, we have critical issue support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Critical issues involve system-related problems, such as logging onto Spectrum or access to Spectrum (or parts of Spectrum) not available to users. Regular support hours for all issues are from 5am until 5pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Product Enhancements

Dexter + Chaney reinvests in our software at more than double the industry average. That means your money goes to the ongoing development of a product that stays on the leading edge of technology and that continually adds new features and functionality.

As a Spectrum user, you can expect an average of three significant feature releases per year, along with regular updates and the year-end tax table updates you need—all included with Spectrum Maintenance and Support.

Training Tools and Resources

Online.dexterchaney.com is your one-stop location for training tools, community engagement, and support tracking. Search the FAQs or post a question on our support blog to a large community of experienced Spectrum users. Those are just a few examples of the many online information and training resources available to you anytime you need them.

Premium Support

For clients looking for the next-level in support services, Dexter + Chaney offers Premium Support. With premium support, you receive all the standard Spectrum Maintenance and Support benefits, plus:

  • 24/7/365 live system support for both critical and non-critical issues
  • Free access to training webinars
  • Continual access to your own hosted test server, updated with the latest releases
  • Annual system check
  • Ongoing storage space monitoring for hosted clients,
  • Disaster recovery services for self-hosting customers (Dexter + Chaney will provide clients with a hosted server for 30 days, as well as the loading of their last data backup to that server)
  • Addition of 1 or more designated contacts with access to our support team
  • 20 percent discount on Training Classes, such as our regional Boot Camps, through Dexter + Chaney Professional Services

  Standard Premium
Cost 20% annually based on list price of your software 25% annually based on list price of your software
Live support (5am - 5pm pacific, M-F)
Critical system support 24/7
Product updates and enhancements
Year-end tax table updates
Access to DexcherChaneyOnline.com
Designated contacts 3 4+*
24/7 Non-critical system support  
Free training webinars  
Hosted test server  
Annual system check  
Disaster recovery service  
20% discount on training classes  

*One additional designated contact for each 10 Spectrum users

If you would like further information about Spectrum Construction Software,
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