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Spectrum Data Exchange

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Spectrum Data Exchange (SDX) is a secure, quick, and easy way to transfer data in and out of your Spectrum® Construction Software. Using Spectrum Web Services, SDX provides templates, tools, and a Microsoft Office Add-In for Spectrum version 14 (Spectrum Office Add-In) to help you import data directly from Microsoft Excel®.

SDX streamlines and automates time consuming and repetitive data-entry or system conversion tasks, keeping your data secure and accurate. Whether you’re loading data into Spectrum from consumer software like QuickBooks or complex, enterprise software; SDX seamlessly and securely imports your data into Spectrum.

What is a Web Service?

A web service is a method of communication between electronic devices over the web. Spectrum Web Services provide a secure way to import data using a variety of pre-defined web service layouts. Once the data is organized, the user can send it to Spectrum by:

  • Using the Spectrum Office Add-in to link data to Spectrum Web Services via Microsoft Excel
  • Creating their own website to link to Spectrum Web Services


  • User friendly, Excel-based interface
  • Direct integration with Spectrum software
  • Direct integration with Spectrum Office Add-In
  • Eliminates manual entry errors
  • Preventive measures ensure data integrity
  • User defined security and defaults
  • Secure Transmission/Connection (SSL- Secure Socket Layer)
  • Easy 3rd party integration
  • Eliminates repetitive data entry
  • Expedites loading data into Spectrum
  • Web-based solution
  • Users get project info in real time
  • Automates internal processes
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Facilitates in-house development
  • Platform independent, customizable entry point (use in tandem with website, mobile apps, etc.)


Streamlined Data Management

  • SDX can be used to dramatically reduce the time, effort, and errors involved in large data transfers as well as common, repetitive data entry tasks. Choose from a library of standard Microsoft Excel templates, modify them to fit your needs or use built-in Spectrum Web Services development tools to create your own custom data transfer process.
  • However you choose to use SDX, you will benefit from integrated data error checking, which automatically alerts you to formatting or entry mistakes as they occur.

Secure transactions

  • The web services used by SDX employ the same level of security used by banking, trading and other secure transaction service providers.

Automated processes

  • Ensure the data you need is always available in Spectrum by taking advantage of SDX’s automatic data transfer capabilities.

Business Applications

SDX is a flexible tool that has as many uses as you have data transfer needs. Here are a few ways that clients employ SDX in their businesses:

System conversion:

  • For customers just getting started with Spectrum, this is an easy way to import data from previous software programs.

3rd party applications:

  • Use SDX to download credit card transactions from online banking sites into Spectrum to create recurring invoices.
  • Vendors and customers can use SDX to send information to Spectrum—defaults you set and preventative measures such as error counters and timed access keep sessions secure.

Streamlining business processes:

  • Reduces repetitive data entry transactions and errors associated with manual entry.
  • Expedites importing data into Spectrum; decreases number of data transfer steps.
  • Set up pre-populated templates for monthly journal entries and eliminate creating and uploading new spreadsheets each time.

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