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Close More Deals and Maximize Project Revenues with Dedicated Construction CRM

Spectrum CRM LogoTake your lead management, sales nurturing and client awareness programs to the next level with Spectrum CRM. Spectrum CRM provides you with the ability to create, track and close sales opportunities with existing clients as well as develop new leads from prospects with its cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Integrated with Spectrum® Construction Software, Spectrum CRM gives you complete control and in-depth analysis of new and existing business prospects. This provides you a 360-degree view of your customers, allowing you to nurture opportunities from their earliest stages all the way through closing, while importing customer data directly to Spectrum to set up new jobs, send invoices, track work and more.

A 360-Degree View and Complete Control of Your Sales and Communication Channels

Spectrum CRM provides contractors with a powerful database for construction-specific prospect and customer data. Use Spectrum CRM’s Account Manager to manage sales prospects, existing clients, vendors, subcontractors and more. The cloud-based system provides a liberal amount of data fields to collect or enter information from leads and contacts. Among them: contact information, descriptions, sources, territories, lead ownership, business/account types, scope of work, lead scoring, contracts and dollar amounts and more. The database provides a complete history about all of your contacts, including prior communication records, responses to outreach efforts, tasks, events and to-do items.

Spectrum CRM’s database design and intuitive tools allow you to define leads and contacts any way that you want, providing a level of customization to fit your business needs. Log in and immediately see a powerful dashboard, with intuitive breakdown of analytical information to see where you should be focusing your attention. Track proposals, bids and future opportunities. Measure ROI on marketing activities and see which programs are working and which are not. Comprehensive reporting and forecasting tools help you actively manage your business opportunities.

With powerful tools to capture emails from Outlook, Gmail and other programs, and the ability to attach notes, documents, photos and other records, you can ensure that all relevant data is included in your contacts’ profiles. This gives you all the data at your fingertips to help you close more business.

Reach Out with Meaningful Content, Follow-up Efficiently and Effectively

How successful you are in developing new business from your leads and contacts depends on how you interact with and follow up with them. That’s why Spectrum CRM provides much more than just a contact database—it gives you the full power of a complete communication management system.

Deliver customizable, targeted email marketing campaigns, with branded messaging and professionally crafted business emails. Choose from a number of existing templates or create your own. Preview and send test emails to ensure your message is delivered the way you want it to. Send to your entire database or segment by sending different messages to different groups.

You can also create in-depth drip campaigns or customizable workflows and automated follow-up plans. Have an email generated and sent out when someone fills out a form online. Set up subsequent email messages to auto-generate based on initial responses or a series of responses. Automatically create tasks when contacts need hands-on follow-up and assign leads and contacts to particulars users.

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You can easily track all of the emails that have gone out and see response rates for different messages with Spectrum CRM. Easy-to-understand reports show who opened emails, who clicked through on links and more. See if emails have bounced and why, and manage subscriptions and opt-in and opt-outs.

Spectrum CRM provides the tools to create content that will get contacts’ attention, such as an article or a newsletter. Spectrum CRM has a library of articles you can use and a full team of writers and editors continually working to keep the content fresh. Don’t like the topic? Edit an existing article or craft one of your own. This content is completely integrated throughout Spectrum CRM so you see the results of your content or newsletter campaigns and can adjust your messaging as needed.

Streamline Your Sales and Work Processes

The seamless integration with Spectrum allows you to pull in all of your customer or prospect contact information, including addresses, email, phone numbers, and more, by company code as it exists in Spectrum. If you get a new sales lead, or award a new contract to a vendor, that information can be easily uploaded into Spectrum, along with any customer codes or IDs, creating new customer and job records in your Spectrum system.. When job statuses change in Spectrum, those changes are reflected in Spectrum CRM. So, for example, when a job is completed in Spectrum it also will show as completed in Spectrum CRM, and this new status can then drive appropriate follow-up communications and workflows.

Spectrum CRM can also pull in financial summaries of customers and contacts, including credit and payment histories, invoices, job summaries and job history, and more so that that information is available when you’re working future leads and opportunities.

A Complete Construction CRM System—Simplified

As with any software, it has to be simple to get the biggest results. That’s why Spectrum CRM has made ease of use its number one priority.

Log in to the cloud-based platform right from your browser and instantly be taken to your intuitive dashboard where you can see the latest statistics, view alerts, see customer and contact data relevant to you and a whole lot more. Navigating to different areas of functionality is simple with an easy-to-use tab structure.

Once inside your personalized Spectrum CRM database, customize columns and search features, remove or add fields and determine which data and criteria you want to see. View the data in ways that work best for you, including an array of customizable reports. Meanwhile, customizable email and content delivery templates removes the headaches from any marketing, sales and branding messaging you want to deliver.

What’s more, a complete training library is available to you with videos, FAQs, daily training classes, a help center with unlimited support, and much more. Worried about the implementation process? New accounts and users are usually set up within 24 hours.


  • Powerful account/contact management system built for construction companies
  • Provides complete communication and opportunity history for leads contacts and customers
  • Lead scoring to better develop sales opportunities
  • Customizable ways to view data
  • In-depth reports
  • Easy-to-use email marketing/communication system
  • In-depth campaign analytics
  • Email tracking
  • Branded, personalized newsletters
  • Variety of templates to set up email campaigns and newsletters
  • Access to library of professionally-written content
  • Bi-lateral integration with Spectrum for streamlined data flow
  • Simple-to-use interface


  • Streamline your entire lead and customer management process to uncover new sales opportunities
  • Bring in new business by engaging with eye-catching communications and content
  • Increase communication and brand awareness to existing customers and prospects
  • Keep customers and prospects informed of new work, products, events and much more
  • Learn which methods of engagement work and which do not with powerful analytics
  • Save time and increase efficiency through automated processes
  • Connect to Spectrum to streamline setting up of new jobs, retrieve financial information and more
  • Close more business

The above Spectrum CRM application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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