Construction Management Software with Job Cost

Job cost management is fundamental to the operation of a construction business. Spectrum Construction Software offers a job cost solution that puts real time data into the hands of the people in your company who need it from construction accounting to project management. With Spectrum Job Cost, you can:

  • Access up to date job information, whether you’re in the field or at the office.
  • Input data in one screen – job cost integrates with Spectrum’s Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Project Management so you only enter information once.
  • Manage job cost projections by controlling material and labor prices, helping projects stay on budget.
  • Control cash flow by recognizing revenue as your projects earn value
  • View committed costs within budget versus actual reporting.

Integrated Job Cost & Project Management

As integrated construction management software, Spectrum provides insight not only to your accounting staff, but to your project managers as well. Within the job cost functionality, project managers can input all their data directly into Spectrum from wherever they are working, and track vital information such as change order status and cost-to-complete projections. Spectrum’s Job Cost and Project Management functionality operate together seamlessly.

Easy Access to Job Cost Data

Spectrum allows you to easily identify all of your job costs. Start with high level views of cost performance then drill down into the details of a job , helping you take control of your costs and projections.

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