Construction Accounting Software – Accounts Receivable

Whether you bill based on percent complete or unit price, Spectrum Construction Software will meet your construction company’s accounts receivable needs. Spectrum’s Accounts Receivable also tracks sales tax and generates tax reports based on your jobs. Because sales tax is not always applicable, Spectrum has the ability to apply sales tax based on the job, and can even apply sales tax based on the phase number with user rules defined. The Accounts Receivable solution also offers AIA G702 and G703 equivalent forms.

Change Order Management

Fully integrated with Spectrum Job Cost, Accounts Receivable provides you with real time job information. With this information, you have the ability to control when changes impact contracts, whether for billing or work in progress (WIP) purposes.

Spectrum is a completely integrated construction management software solution, which means you can use change requests built in Accounts Payable to build change orders for your clients to approve within Accounts Receivable. With this information, your project managers and owners have access to the most current information, and all information is kept in one secure, easy to access location.

Track Information from the Job Site to the Office

Because Spectrum is a web-based solution, when any project changes occur, project managers can access Spectrum via any mobile device with internet connectivity, make note of the change, and check pricing once they return to the office. This kind of accessibility reduces the chance of lost information and eliminates duplicate entry.

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