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Purchase Order Receiving

Error Correction Screenshot

The process of manually entering numerous receipts against purchase orders is time consuming, error-prone, and resource draining. Automate this process with Dexter + Chaney’s Purchase Order Receiving application.

With Purchase Order Receiving, every line item is received electronically, automatically entered, and immediately checked against your purchase orders. Any item that does not line up based on validation rules is placed into an Error Correction screen for review and processing.

Once receipts are processed, Spectrum will generate the associated A/P invoices. When the Purchase Order Receiving application is used in conjunction with our Purchase Order Import functionality you benefit from complete automation—from ordering through receiving and payment.


  • One step receiving
  • Save hundreds of hours of entry time
  • Eliminate human error due to manual data processing
  • Catch A/P errors that would otherwise have been missed
  • Automatically generate accurate PO invoices


  • Validated records are automatically passed on to A/P
  • Saves the electronic invoice images associated with each import
  • Allowable variances between expected and actual unit-price costs can be set by the user
  • Ability to receive items that were not originally ordered
  • Option to override cash discounts and tax codes by line item
  • Option to auto-close PO when line items are backordered
  • Import PO receipts that are paid via credit card
  • Prints validated transaction reports using Crystal Reports
  • Integrates with Spectrum Document Imaging

The above Purchase Order Receiving application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

If you would like further information about the Spectrum Document Imaging or about Spectrum Construction Software, please request a demonstration from one of our software specialists.