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Purchase Order

Purchase Order Screen Shot

Spectrum’s Purchase Order functionality gives users a complete control system for material purchases for jobs, work orders, equipment and inventory. Creating a purchase order in Spectrum is easy, and once entered, committed costs are updated in real time.

Purchase orders are fully integrated into the Spectrum system. The receiving process automatically creates AP invoices in Spectrum and when invoices are posted, committed costs are automatically converted to actual costs.

Flexible, adaptable purchase orders

Purchase Order Screen Shot

Both stock and non-stock items are accommodated with Spectrum Purchase Orders, and users may select one-step or two-step purchase receiving. With one-step receiving, the purchase order is received as the vendor invoice is entered. In two-step receiving, a packing list is entered and then matched to the vendor invoice. Multiple receivings are allowed for each purchase order and purchase orders may be closed even if the order is not received in full.

With Spectrum Purchase Orders, both lump sum and unit price purchase orders are provided. Purchase orders also have the ability to accommodate miscellaneous vendor charges, discounts by line item, taxable and non-taxable identification of materials, and special payment and shipping terms. Special instructions and unlimited messages and notes can be included with each purchase order as well.

Detailed tracking and accountability

With Spectrum Purchase Orders, order dates, requested delivery dates and dates received are all tracked in Spectrum. Spectrum Purchase Orders also support use tax and vendor special pricing.

Ease of use

Creating purchase orders is simple, and reviewing outstanding orders is convenient whether on-screen or through detailed reports. Reports can be sorted by vendor, item code, by job or phase.

Purchase Order Example

Purchase Orders take advantage of Spectrum’s Document Imaging, so that notes and vendor quotes can be scanned into and saved in the system and associated with the purchase order. With two-step receiving, users in the field can use their mobile devices to enter quantities received and take a picture of packing lists to update information in Spectrum in real time.

Purchase order approvals can be can also be automated through Spectrum Workflow—a powerful tool to streamline work by automating complex processes into simple, user-definable tasks.

Spectrum Purchase Order also integrates with Trade Service Corporation, providers of TRA-SER® Pro for automated price and product information updates.


  • Simple purchase order creation
  • Automatic update of committed costs upon PO entry
  • Standard items, instructions and remarks, terms, and frequently used shippers can be coded to increase the speed of data entry
  • Fully integrated with other Spectrum functionality, including Document Imaging, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, General Ledger, Job Cost, Equipment Control and Work Order
  • Total quantity and dollar amounts are tracked for original order, received orders, and balance due
  • Purchase order line items can be changed, deleted, and added
  • Received purchase orders can be viewed on screen or printed by vendor, job, or PO number
  • Standard item codes, descriptions, standard cost, and five price levels can be set up. Vendor special cost tracking is also supported
  • Taxable and non-taxable identification by individual line item is supported, as well as use tax tracking
  • Discounts can be entered for each line item
  • Payment terms, shipping terms, ship via, and FOB point can be identified
  • Special instructions and unlimited messages and notes can be entered for each purchase order
  • Order date, requested delivery date, and date received are all tracked
  • Partial quantities for line items and multiple warehouse capability are supported
  • Pack List Update allows inventory quantity receipts before vendor billing
  • Multiple receivings are allowed for each purchase order, and purchase orders may be closed even if not received in full
  • Convenient look up of vendors, items, jobs, phases, cost types, and many other key fields
  • Purchase order receiving can be set up as a one-step (entry of quantity and invoice information is a single step) or two-step (items received can be entered from the packing list and the invoice can be received at a later time) process
  • Lump sum and unit price purchase orders are both provided
  • Proposed purchase orders can be entered and put out to bid
  • Remarks from purchase orders are transferred to the AP invoice remarks field
  • Interfaces with Trade Service Corporation’s TRA-SER® Pro for automated pricing updates and lookups
  • Purchase order approvals can be automated with Spectrum Workflow


  • Provides a complete control system for materials purchases for jobs and inventory
  • Full integration throughout Spectrum reduces input time and ensures accuracy, keeping materials and financial information on jobs up to date
  • Stay on top of committed costs and actual job costs in real time
  • Spot potential cost overruns as materials orders are being placed
  • Full tracking capabilities for purchase orders and materials, creating a trusted audit trail
  • Flexible purchase order options accommodate both stock and non-stock items, one- or two-step purchase order receiving, multiple receivings, miscellaneous vendor charges, discounts by line item, taxable and non-taxable identification of materials, special payment and shipping terms, and more
  • Purchase orders can be easily amended, providing simple flexibility when changes on the job occur
  • Quick lookup of purchase orders and detailed reporting allows full insight into materials purchases

The above Document Imaging application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

If you would like further information about the Spectrum Document Imaging or about Spectrum Construction Software, please request a demonstration from one of our software specialists.