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Specrum® Project Setup

Project Setup ScreenshotProject Setup allows users to directly import their budget and billing items (schedule of values) in order to create a new job in Spectrum. Project Setup makes it easy to convert estimates from commercial estimating packages or users’ own spreadsheets into new jobs.

Simple imports, flexible data fields

With Project Setup, users can automatically import phase codes, quantities, cost types, descriptions, units of measure, dollar amount, hours, projected quantities, and workers comp codes for the phase. Related bill items, alternate phase codes and vendor codes (for identified subcontracts) can also be imported if it makes sense to do so for these items. Project Setup takes advantage of Spectrum’s cost center functionality so that costs and revenue can be directed to different divisions in the company if desired.

Once the initial import is complete, users can edit line items, or manually add whole new lines, so that project managers can reorganize the budget to fit their management style. Spectrum’s Project Setup will combine multiple items with the same phase code into one phase, reducing the complexity of the phase structure. Revenue lines can be imported simultaneously or independently from the cost budget. Spectrum accommodates both lump sum and unit price jobs, and descriptions, whether line items are taxable or not, contract amounts and projected revenue amounts are all detailed.

Project Setup Subcontractors Screenshot

Automatically create subcontracts

Subcontracts can be created automatically from the estimate in Project Setup. Spectrum will assemble subcontract budget lines so that users can identify which of their preferred subcontractors will have that subcontract for that budgeted line. The vendor for the subcontract can be imported along with the budget, allowing Spectrum users to identify—right from the start—which vendors they want on particular subcontracts. Once the subcontracts are created, users can still go in and modify or edit them as needed.

Work the way you want, streamline project data in Spectrum

Project Setup ScreenshotProject Setup was designed so that estimators don’t have to change the way they operate, yet provides a simple, streamlined solution to set up the jobs once data is ready. Project Setup’s easy import capabilities allows work to be done in any estimating software solution or in Excel. Spectrum integrates with estimating software solutions to take data and automatically convert it to the proper job fields in Spectrum. With Excel, the Spectrum administrator simply needs to create a properly formatted CSV file.

Use Project Setup to import budget and billing items for change requests too

All of the features that Project Setup provides for job creation can be utilized for change request creation. If you use estimating to derive a budget for a change, import it into Spectrum instead of hand keying it into the system.

Project Setup streamlines the entire job creation process. When data is updated in Spectrum, Project Setup can create the subcontracts, create contracts in accounts receivable, set up the schedule of values against those contracts, set up the job and phase estimates, and it will set projections equaling current estimates. This saves contractors valuable time and resources, especially if they are routinely setting up new jobs manually.


  • Ability to easily import estimates into Spectrum, no matter how estimates are gathered in the field
  • Integrates with estimating packages, including Excel
  • Import budget, schedule of values, and other project data with ease
  • Automatically create subcontracts and identify which vendors will be used
  • Easy-to-edit line items, phase codes and other data fields
  • Accommodates both lump sum and unit price jobs
  • Use for both job and change creation


  • Streamlines all of the processes of setting up a new project in Spectrum
  • Simple, easy-to-use functionality that makes estimating imports and project creation a snap
  • Frees users from having to rekey all of your data into the system—eliminating double entry of data.
  • Quickly gets jobs set up and moving
  • Saves valuable time and resources within the company
  • Provides more control over data, ensuring no project information falls through the cracks or is missed when having to import manually

The above Project Setup application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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