Construction Industry

SEATTLE, January 6, 2016: Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum® Construction Software, will be hosting a special panel webinar on business intelligence in the construction industry. The free webinar, “Getting Smart about Business Intelligence,” held January 14 at 10:00 a.m. PST, will feature a panel comprised of professionals from different construction-related disciplines and moderated by Dexter + Chaney Marketing Director, Wayne Newitts.

“The idea of business intelligence is not a new concept, but what it can or should mean is changing because of the way technology is changing,” Newitts said. “It used to be that not knowing enough about your business or lacking relevant business data was the problem. Today, the problem isn’t a lack of data—it’s what to do with that data once you have it.”

“Today, there are multiple options for collecting, processing, and presenting business and construction data—mobile apps, Building Information Modeling (BIM), in-field technologies, internet-connected software, document imaging, and more. This has created a large data pool. While access to more data is good news, the bad news is there can be too much information to efficiently process in order to make effective business decisions in a timely manner,” Newitts said.

“One of the recent trends in the construction industry was to go paperless—eliminating filing cabinets and digitalizing everything for convenient storage on computers. It was offered up as a viable solution to the construction industry’s data woes,” Newitts said. “Today, however, the sheer volume of electronic data is creating essentially the same problem. How do you find something quickly when you need it, and how do you translate that data into action?”

The webinar panel will discuss this new data dynamic and how to take the next steps toward true business intelligence—moving beyond the mere creation and storage of electronic data. Panelists will map out how to decide which data points are key to contractors’ success, how to get the most out of data collection methods, how new software and leading-edge technologies are streamlining business intelligence processes, and how best to turn key data into real action—in real time.

The panel includes: John Friedel, CFO of Marietta, Ga.-based Baldwin Paving; Steve Drouin, director of IT services for North Billerica, Mass.-based Interstate Electric; and Mike Hawkins, project manager with Red Deer, Alberta-based Scott Builders.

Friedel noted that developing strong business intelligence practices gives contractors a significant boost to both quality of projects and the financial health of the organization. “If you want to protect your assets and better understand your bottom line, then you should attend this webinar,” Friedel said. “Knowing the state of your cash flow is tantamount to a contractor’s success.”


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