SEATTLE, November 18, 2014: Agee Construction Corporation, a heavy highway and utility contractor based in Clovis, CA, has selected Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Construction Software for its accounting, business management and project management needs. The company, faced with the news that its current software would not be supported in the future, saw an opportunity to move to a solution that better fit its needs.

Michelle Petrucelli, Agee Construction’s controller, said that when her company received notice that its current solution—Maxwell’s StreetSmarts—would no longer be supported in the wake of a company acquisition, she had a choice to move to and repurchase new software from the acquiring company, or to explore other options available on the market. She chose to shop around, and found Dexter + Chaney.

“When we saw Spectrum, we were like, ‘Wow!’ The interface was clean and gave you all the information you need at your fingertips. From the Spectrum Dashboard to the Info Bar, everything was just intuitive and provided you the data you wanted in formats that made sense to the user,” Petrucelli said. “Our estimating department loved Plan Room, our project managers liked the strong project management capabilities. That was a big part of our decision process—we wanted a better and more integrated project management solution than what we had.”

Petrucelli noted Dexter + Chaney’s significant technology advancements, research and reinvestment in its software products as a key differentiator in the marketplace. She also lauded the company’s personal approach. She and members of her team had personal conversations with Dexter + Chaney CEO and co-founder John Chaney while researching Spectrum. Chaney listened to their vision for what they wanted out of their software and took steps to ensure Spectrum would be a good fit for Agee. “One of the things we pride ourselves on is listening to our clients and potential clients and proposing a software system that is really designed to work for them and not the other way around,” Chaney said.

That hands-on commitment is also evident during the implementation process, Petrucelli said, noting that Dexter + Chaney has shown care and commitment to making sure that data conversion and other facets of implementation have gone smoothly.

“Implementations are one of the biggest headaches of any major software purchase and this will be our second in eight years. But the information synchs easily in Spectrum and it is all there in the system. It’s amazing how well it works,” Petrucelli said. “Is there a little bit of work involved? Yeah. But is it worth it? Absolutely! I know at the end of the day I’m getting a far superior product than what we had and what’s being offered out there by other companies.”


Agee Construction Corporation has been in business since 1991. The founder, Marshall W. Agee, began his construction career with Thomas Construction of Fresno, California almost 50 years ago. As a visionary, Mr. Agee believed that ethical business practices and a commitment to workers safety were key to any successful construction project. With these principles in mind, he has worked in all areas of general engineering construction in both the office and the field. He has held an active California Contractors License since 1968. Mr. Agee was the General Superintendent of El Camino Construction, as well as a principal, from its inception in 1970 to its dissolution in 1991. In September 1991, he started Agee Construction Corporation, where he managed a successful business as president and sole shareholder for the past nineteen years. A family owned California based company, Agee Construction Corporation has successfully completed over 200 projects in over twenty counties, through the Central Valley, Northern and Southern parts of California. Mr. Agee retired in January 2014 and has passed on the business to a new generation of the Agee family.