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Plan Room Application Brief

Plan Room Project ScreenSpectrum Plan Room is a complete document and communication management vehicle for construction projects. Store and share all project documents—from plans and specs to submittals—in one cloud-based application that can be accessed anywhere from any device. With Plan Room’s intuitive document management features, users easily upload their documents by dragging and dropping them into convenient folder trees the user sets up any way they like. Automatic versioning control ensures that when documents change, the latest version is front and center for everyone to see. Previous versions are stored for easy recall and the creation of document audit trails.

Plan Room Bid Management Page

Expand Access to Documents and Data

An integral part of Spectrum Project Management, Spectrum Plan Room is a powerful solution that expands access to documents and data for everyone on the project team. Owners, designers, subcontractors and vendors can access the information they need to see by simply opening a web browser and logging into the easy-to-use Plan Room interface. Maintain full control of who can access and edit documents and what information invited users can see.

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up a new job in Spectrum Plan Room is easy—users simply create a customized series of folders via the intuitive folder tree design. Organize project documents any way desired, much like a traditional file structure in Windows. Drag and drop plans, specs and other documents into these folders and the project is ready to go.

Spectrum Plan Room also provides a contact management system for all of the people associated with the project—whether inside or outside of the organization. Project contacts can be quickly and easily imported into Plan Room from other databases. Create full contact profiles with company information, phone, email, service areas, scope of work, surety bonding and insurance information and much more. When provided access to Plan Room, contacts can also enter or edit their own information, including attaching documentation to ensure that all of their relevant data is up to date. That information is then reviewed and either approved or rejected by the contractor.

A More Thorough, Transparent Invitation to Bid Process

Once a project is created and documents are loaded, Spectrum Plan Room serves as a full-featured invitation-to-bid tool. Using the construction documents as the foundation, quickly create bid packages that include dates, scope of work, construction codes and more. Using Plan Room’s dynamic contact search features, users select a contact or group of contacts they want to invite to bid.

Plan Room Bit Invitation EmailInvited contacts will receive an email with an official invitation to bid embedded. The invitation provides a link back to their Spectrum Plan Room portal where they can see information about the project, the scope of work, and view any relevant plans, specs and other documents. They can indicate their decision to bid, pass, or take more time to consider via a link from their invitation email of a click of a button on their portal.

On the back end, see instantly when contacts have accessed the portal, what documents they have looked at and the status of their bid consideration. No longer are contractors left in the dark wondering who might bid and who might not until bid day.

Plan Room Invitees Page

Communicate, Collaborate Throughout the Entire Project

Once the subcontractors and vendors are selected and the project moves forward, Spectrum Plan Room provides a structured environment for complete management of the submittal process. With Plan Room’s “ball in court” feature, once subcontractor submittals are created and documents added, notifications are sent to the architect and design team, who then log in, look the documents over and either approve or reject them. This alleviates a lot of the work of the general contractor having to facilitate these collaborative efforts.

Spectrum Plan Room also provides integration with electronic takeoff solutions, with complete synchronization back to Plan Room so that users can do all their takeoff from one central document location, while staying in the loop with the most recent document versions.

Once the project enters the live construction stage, Plan Room continues to track and manage any changes to plans and specs so that project teams always have access to the latest version. Additional documents, such as RFIs, transmittals, RFPs, daily logs and more can also be stored in Plan Room to provide a central location to access all relevant project documents—all the way through the project’s close out.

Collaboration for the Contractor on the Go

Dexter + Chaney also developed the Project Plan Room mobile app for contractors in the field. Project Plan Room allows contractors to carry all of the projects plans, specs and other documents in a “digital briefcase” wherever work takes them. By using a tablet device, users can access their construction documents at the jobsite or in transit, where they can view them as needed in digital formats. Project Plan Room synchronizes with Spectrum Plan Room to ensure that the most recent versions are always at a contractor’s fingertips while working remote. Even if internet connection is not available, Project Plan Room synchronizes with Spectrum when connection is reestablished.

Spectrum Plan Room is the complete solution to effectively, efficiently manage all project documentation, providing expanded access to documents and ensuring that the latest, most relevant information is at your team’s fingertips at all times.

The above Plan Room application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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