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Empowering the Project Team

This is the second installment in a five-part series on how innovative technologies and software are helping project managers streamline processes to build faster, smarter projects.

While the lifeblood of the construction company is the construction project, the lifeblood of the project is the people working on it. Hire bad people to manage and build the project? The results will be poor. Hire smart, talented folks with expertise and the results will be good. Hire forward-thinking, open-minded folks ready to try new things and take calculated risks? The results are likely to be even better.

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Roads & Bridges Contractors' Choice

SEATTLE, August 9, 2016: Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software and provider of Spectrum® Construction Software, is honored to have received several noteworthy awards and significant industry recognition over the past month. These include being named as the Customer Value Leader in the quarry and aggregate solutions market by the business growth and research firm Frost & Sullivan and winning three awards in Roads & Bridges Magazine’s 2016 Contractor’s Choice Awards.

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Career in Construction

While most economists would hesitate to use the word “boom” when talking about the state of the construction industry, forecasters are optimistic for continued economic growth throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017. As the industry continues its slow climb away from the great recession, the need for skilled labor continues to be a hot topic on industry news sites. This is great news for anyone looking for a new career and there couldn’t be a better time for construction laborers.

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PM Software Cutting Edge

This is the first in a five-part series on how innovative technologies and software are helping project managers streamline processes to build faster, smarter projects

The lifeblood of any construction company is the construction project itself. How those projects are managed can make or break the company.

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Construction Industry's Talent Shortfall

Published July 2016 - Construction Business Owner

Fewer workers are returning to the industry, and training new generations of laborers could become a daunting challenge. It has become one of key issues for the industry to address for the present-day and long-term health of companies. How are companies turning to millennials & technology to bridge the skilled labor gap?

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Under The Hood - Software Engine

Published July 2016 - CFMA Building Profits

This article, by Dexter + Chaney's John Chaney, will take you on a tour of today’s software engines to help you become familiar with how cloud-enabled and mobile friendly products work and what questions to ask as a confident and informed consumer.

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