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Better Construction Project Management through Better Communication

Why building sound communication and documentation practices is critical to construction projects

In a previous article, we discussed three important areas of project management and ended by briefly discussing project communication. For any company, it is a good exercise to ask how deliberate your project communication is. Far too often, communication occurs in passing at someone’s desk or in convoluted email chains. Without proper documentation and good communication practices, important information can be lost or doesn’t get to the right person at all. This can lead to angry clients, frustrated employees and loss of profit. How do you prevent communication break downs?

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Workforce Development

Take the pressure off recruiting with a focus on workforce development

I continue to hear it, every time I speak with construction leaders: “We can’t find the people we need to meet the current demand!” Leaders know all the reasons, but the approach they take, leaves room for me to question, is this really a recruitment issue or are there other contributing factors that should be addressed?

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Workforce Week

The Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) 2017 Workforce Week is almost here, and that makes it a great time to look back on the year and celebrate the successes of ABC peers. Workforce Week, held Feb. 28 through March 3 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., provides merit shop contractors with great educational opportunities to stay on top of emerging trends in the construction industry. The event also offers plenty of opportunities for contractors to improve and grow their existing workforces. After all, a business is only as strong and successful as the people that comprise it.

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ConExpo Logo

SEATTLE, February 28, 2017: Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software and developer of Spectrum® Construction Software, will be showcasing a number of new features and developments available in its construction management software platform at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 trade show (booth S64811) March 7-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Nashville Machine Inc. Logo

SEATTLE, February 15, 2017: When Nashville, Tenn.-based Nashville Machine Company Inc. got word that its existing construction management software would no longer be supported after Viewpoint Construction Software acquired Maxwell in 2014, the company’s executives knew they would have to soon survey the ERP construction software market. Hearing good things about Dexter + Chaney over the years, Nashville Machine’s executives were eager to meet with the Seattle-based developer and provider of the industry-leading, cloud-based, ERP platform—Spectrum® Construction Software.

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SEATTLE, February 8, 2017: For more than 97 years now, Raleigh, N.C.-based David Allen Co., Inc. has been adding value and enhancing the appearance of many of the nation’s most noteworthy buildings. Providing superior professional service, high quality materials and competitive prices has placed the company at the top of many customer’s preferred lists. The company has grown from its humble beginnings in downtown Raleigh in 1920 into a major provider of quality tile, terrazzo, marble, stone, carpet and other flooring products and installations.

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