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Committing Intentional Project Communications

As I’ve been mentioning, construction project communication is vital to project success, and furthermore, communication has to be intentional—it has to be something to which you devote time and attention. The quality of your communications matters. For example do you know how easily your project team can access construction plans and specs? Or if everyone is aware of the project changes and issues that affect their work? If you’re not sure (or answered with an “uh huh” or “really?”)—please read on.

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Jobsite Safety Sign

This week, I’m pleased to welcome David DeVita, a safety expert with 20 years of experience, from Carolina Safety Consultants.

Recently I had a friend fall walking near a construction zone while carrying a case of water to her coffee shop. She tripped over one of the construction sign legs that was sticking out beyond the construction cone and fencing, but she was not walking in the construction zone. When she fell, my friend broke her knee cap in five places. The contractor doing the work was working for the city at the time.

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3 Layers of Construction Project Management

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that project management can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Most construction companies have dedicated project or construction managers to oversee their projects—the core of a contractor’s business. In my experience, nearly everyone in a company touches a project, and helps manage and move it along. So while the project manager or construction manager is indisputably the project point person, project management is really an issue that affects everyone. Here’s how many of the clients I talk to breakdown this broad discipline:

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Web Hosting Considerations

In the construction business, there are rarely ever any easy decisions. As companies adopt web-based construction software, they find themselves faced with a number of not-always-easy decisions surrounding where and how to host their applications and data. One common and understandable misconception is that cloud computing always means subscribing to software as a service and accessing your applications in the public cloud.

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Construction Risk Management Image 120px

As the weather warms up across the country (just not in Seattle), construction season is beginning to get under way. With every project, no matter how big or small, there is always risk—risk of injury, financial responsibility, or quality assurance.

If you stop to think about it, it's clear that risk carries a dollar value. This, after all, is the foundation of the insurance industry. And risk can be a profit center, since insurance companies obviously make money.

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Issues around Construction Communication

As a general contractor a few years ago, I was working on a tenant improvement project. One day I remember starting the demo on a wall. We took off the drywall and found out that there were all kinds of wires and pipes running through it. These did not show up on the drawings. So, I took some photos, wrote an RFI attached the photos to the document and sent it to the architect noting its urgent status. Then I waited, not knowing if he had even received the RFI. I called and left a voice message—and waited some more. Eventually I received a response to the RFI, but not without losing time sending and following up on the RFI.

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