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3 Approaches to Business Development

As the construction industry comes out of some tough times, business development is playing a larger role in the day-to-day activities of construction companies. Now that we’re seeing signs of life, contractors are moving from cost-cutting mode to “get-work” mode. But it’s not as if they can just pick up where they left off. Changes in the competitive environment as well as how companies are doing business have created a “new normal.” A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a webinar presented by FMI consultant Scott Moyer, in which he discussed the new business development environment and some key areas to focus on for success. Here is what I took away from Scott’s presentation.

Project Management with Constant Change

To paraphrase a popular phrase, “Change is the only constant.” As a company, we’ve been going through a number of changes ourselves. Last week we wrapped up our Annual Users’ Conference for 2013, and I have to admit I was a little nervous about our decision to change venues and hold the event at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle. But by the end of the conference, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. So much so that I’m going to place a shameless plug in my blog—if you ever visit Seattle, consider the Fairmont as your place to stay!

Tax Preparation - Construction Accounting

I’m not sure if you heard it this week, but CPAs across the country breathed a sigh of relief with the passing of the April 15 tax filing deadline. I know I haven’t seen many of my CPA friends since the beginning of the year as they’ve scrambled to help others file correctly and get the largest return possible. Depending on when your company’s fiscal year ends, most of you probably didn’t have to worry about corporate taxes. But the passing of the individual tax deadline got me thinking about some things you should consider—for both your personal and corporate taxes—throughout the year.

Construction Project Management Projects

A few days ago, I got into the office a little late after meeting a colleague for coffee. When I finally sat down to my desk, I had five voicemails, about 30 emails, some mail to go through (yes, I still get snail mail), and a few text messages. It wasn’t that late in the morning, and yet I already had plenty of correspondence and data floating around my desk. I think of myself as being pretty organized and efficient, but some days, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what my top priority should be and where to actually start.

Centralized Document Management

Information is everywhere, and I don’t just mean that there’s a lot of it. I mean that it’s stored everywhere—in the cloud, on hard drives, on any number of other various storage devices. For example, not that long ago, my wife was searching through dozens of CDs looking for a specific photo. After a few hours of loading and unloading CDs from the computer, she eventually found it, but decided at that point to start storing all of the family photos in the cloud. She thought this move would make finding specific photos easier, but now she has to remember if the photos were saved to a photo site, posted on Facebook or Instagram, or if they’re still on the camera. While cloud computing has certainly put everything a click or touch away, remembering which application to click or touch can be just as tedious as remembering on which CD or USB drive your documents are.

Choosing Construction Software

I remember the day my son came home very excited about a car. It was not long after he received his driver’s license, and of course it’s no fun for a 17 year old to ask to borrow the family-mobile (he knew better than to ask to borrow my sports car), so he had been looking for his own. After scouring the newspapers and car lots, he found one on a used car lot that, with a little help on the down payment and insurance, he could afford.

Value of Construction Industry Associations

If you’re like me, you barely have enough time to do the things you need to do, let alone the things you want to do. Things that don’t fall into the “need to” category get added to a growing list that for me includes things such as learning another language and helicopter skiing.

Tablet Wars and Cloud Computing

It seems like nearly every week I read about a new tablet offering of some sort—whether it’s a new version, a mini-version, or a brand new tablet. Along with the product announcements, I usually see a buzz of activity around the tech blogs proclaiming why or why not the tablet will succeed. All the comparisons of functionality and available apps remind me of how my kids and their friends would compare who got the best toys at Christmas.

heavy construction equipment data

I have a lot of clients who manage fleets of heavy construction equipment, so I jumped at the chance recently to attend a presentation on new telematics technologies given by one of the country’s largest equipment suppliers. I was more than impressed by advances in the amount and type of data that could be collected from onboard systems, and by the intelligent use of integrated mobile wireless and GPS technologies.

Game, Set, Match

I'm a pretty big fan of team sports. I'd have to put basketball and baseball high on the list (a somewhat painful situation since I live in Seattle), and our Seahawks are usually good for some playoff football drama. But I am also a fan of tennis.

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