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Spending Money to Make Money

Last week I wrote about the counter-intuitive advantages of paying invoices on time, or even paying them early. In that discussion, I briefly mentioned automated invoice payment and the use of paycards. Because I have witnessed contractors not only save money but actually make money when they combine these two approaches, I thought I would share some specifics.

Construction Business Management - Paying Bills

A friend of mine has a habit of not paying his bills until the day they are due. He’s also known for driving to the post office right before it closes on April 15 to file his taxes. His reasoning is simple—he doesn’t want to give up his money any sooner than he has to. Over the years, I’ve worked with many construction companies who also wait as long as possible to pay their vendor and subcontractor invoices for the same basic reason. But in business, there are other considerations that lead to the counter-intuitive conclusion that it is usually better to pay on time or even early.

Cloud Connections - ERP Software

Last week in the blog entry Dark Clouds, Silver Linings I discussed a few of the most frequent concerns I’ve been hearing about the construction industry’s move to cloud computing. I left one concern for this week’s blog since I felt it deserved a little more explanation—the topic of software integration and what that will look like in the cloud.

Cloud Computing Security - Cloud Based Construction Software

Regular readers know that I write on a regular basis on the topic of cloud computing. That’s because it represents one of the most significant shifts in computing and software technology in years. Like all important changes, it is accompanied by a certain degree of hesitation and unease. Control, security, and connectivity are the three areas I hear mentioned most often when folks debate the merits of the Cloud. The concerns are legitimate, but so are the responses that mitigate them. Here are examples of a few common “cloud angst” comments I hear, and the way I respond to them. Let me know if you agree…

Construction Disputes and Project Document Management

About a month ago, I read an article discussing the value of disputes in the construction industry. The article provided figures and trends regarding the average dollar value of disputes, but the part of the article that stuck with me was a brief mention of the primary reason behind construction disputes—ambiguities in the contract documents. This got me thinking once again about the dispute stories I’ve heard over the years from construction companies.

Contractors Can Get Bonded in Six Easy Steps

This week, I’m pleased to welcome Danielle Rodabaugh, chief editor at, a nationwide surety provider that works with construction professionals.

Whether you're new to the construction industry or have been working in it for decades, you've probably realized that getting a surety bond can be confusing. To help make the process quicker and easier, this article will outline six steps that will make you more confident when purchasing this special type of risk mitigation insurance.

Free Vs Paid Software

In life, the best things are no doubt free. But in business we’re told there is no free lunch. As someone who thinks a good lunch is one of the best things in life, I’m in a bit of a quandary. But in all seriousness, if something is free I don’t think I’m alone in wondering “where’s the catch.” I may have forgotten a lot from my economics classes, but the fact that there is always a cost related to a benefit has stuck with me.

Top 5 Trends in Construction Software

There’s a saying that I’ve heard over the years, “write about what you know.” So, I’d like to take this week to talk about a subject I really know—construction software—something I’ve been doing for more than thirty years.

Anyone who regularly reads this blog or keeps up with technology can tell you that software, especially software for construction companies, is changing. There are a number of ways it’s changing, which are not just limited to software technology, so here are my top five trends to watch in construction software.

Committing Intentional Project Communications

As I’ve been mentioning, construction project communication is vital to project success, and furthermore, communication has to be intentional—it has to be something to which you devote time and attention. The quality of your communications matters. For example do you know how easily your project team can access construction plans and specs? Or if everyone is aware of the project changes and issues that affect their work? If you’re not sure (or answered with an “uh huh” or “really?”)—please read on.

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