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Choosing Construction Software

I remember the day my son came home very excited about a car. It was not long after he received his driver’s license, and of course it’s no fun for a 17 year old to ask to borrow the family-mobile (he knew better than to ask to borrow my sports car), so he had been looking for his own. After scouring the newspapers and car lots, he found one on a used car lot that, with a little help on the down payment and insurance, he could afford.

Value of Construction Industry Associations

If you’re like me, you barely have enough time to do the things you need to do, let alone the things you want to do. Things that don’t fall into the “need to” category get added to a growing list that for me includes things such as learning another language and helicopter skiing.

Tablet Wars and Cloud Computing

It seems like nearly every week I read about a new tablet offering of some sort—whether it’s a new version, a mini-version, or a brand new tablet. Along with the product announcements, I usually see a buzz of activity around the tech blogs proclaiming why or why not the tablet will succeed. All the comparisons of functionality and available apps remind me of how my kids and their friends would compare who got the best toys at Christmas.

heavy construction equipment data

I have a lot of clients who manage fleets of heavy construction equipment, so I jumped at the chance recently to attend a presentation on new telematics technologies given by one of the country’s largest equipment suppliers. I was more than impressed by advances in the amount and type of data that could be collected from onboard systems, and by the intelligent use of integrated mobile wireless and GPS technologies.

Game, Set, Match

I'm a pretty big fan of team sports. I'd have to put basketball and baseball high on the list (a somewhat painful situation since I live in Seattle), and our Seahawks are usually good for some playoff football drama. But I am also a fan of tennis.

Trade Show Image

In the course of any given week I'll engage with a number of folks outside of my company. I may visit some local customers, give an online presentation of our latest construction software to prospective clients, or talk to an industry analyst. But this time of year I'm reminded of how large and diverse our industry is because this is the time when I hit the road.

Straddling the Project Management Fence

The term “straddling the fence” carries with it some negative connotations—being indecisive, trying to take two sides of the same argument, etc. So when a project manager friend of mine and I were talking recently and he said that he spends much of his day straddling the fence, I was confused since this particular individual happens to be fairly opinionated.

Tapas, Top Sirloin & Construction Software

I suspect that a number of my readers have been through the city of Amarillo, Texas, and some probably live there. But if you aren’t one of them, let me introduce you to The Big Texan Steak House. This is the original “if you can eat it, it’s free” establishment, home of the legendary 72 oz. top sirloin steak. Eat it in one hour, and it costs you nothing (well, no money, anyway).

Cloud Based Construction Software

It’s a rare sunny January day here in Seattle as I write this, so I’m filled with a sense of “anything is possible” as we start into 2013. Of course for those of us who own or manage businesses the trick is to sort through what’s possible and make choices based on what will probably happen. Said differently, we need to look at all the “coulds” and then decide on our “shoulds.”

Science of Heavy Equipment Management – Part 3

In my last two blog posts, I discussed some of what I’ve learned over the years about equipment management, most notably from one of the industry’s leading experts in the field, Dr. Mike Vorster. I covered splitting data into owning and operating rates, then about re-combining that data to help optimize machine usage. This week I’ll wrap up by covering some of the issues surrounding data gathering for equipment management.

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