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Spectrum Materials Management

Materials-Quickly set up default or custom hauling rates. If your company has an aggregate pit or quarry, you understand the need to control the movement and measurement of materials. The Materials application in Spectrum Construction Software helps you keep track of the construction materials going in and out of your pit or quarry and apply those costs to a job or customer. Hauling management and integration with other Spectrum applications also ensure accurate costing.

Import Data from Scales Software

Using the tickets produced by your scales software, Spectrum Materials streamlines the sales and job costing process. When a weight ticket is created, the data is automatically exported to Spectrum and a copy of the ticket is attached with Document Imaging. The cost of the materials can then be applied to a job or to a customer by creating a sales invoice.

Freight Costs & Hauling Management

Depending on whether you use a third party to haul your construction supplies or you use your own staff, Spectrum Materials can reconcile a vendor invoice or apply the costs to a specific job. Actual freight costs can be recorded and reconciled to the estimated cost and an invoice can automatically be generated in Accounts Payable. At times, your haulers may be delayed or a negotiated rate may apply. Materials accommodates standard and special rates, meaning you will never overpay or overbill for services.

Application Integration

Spectrum Materials works with other Spectrum applications, including Job Cost, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, and Accounts Payable, without the need for double data entry. When a ticket is created and imported into Spectrum, you can apply the costs to a specific job, create an invoice, or create a purchase order. You can also adjust your inventory depending on whether materials were transported in or out of your facility.


Using Spectrum Materials, the movement of construction supplies in and out of your pit or quarry can be monitored and reconciled in Spectrum. With this information, production and costs can be carefully tracked, giving you clear visibility into profitability of both your aggregate business and your construction jobs.


  • Built-in interface to scale software
  • Setup freight rates based on job or customer contract
  • Reconciliation of hauler invoices and tickets
  • Area codes can be set up to price materials based on the distance hauled
  • Manual input of scales data also supported
  • Apply materials costs to customer or specific job


  • Provides a single point of data entry for materials and aggregate
  • Single data entry point reduces errors and time spent keying in information
  • Accurate and up-to-date inventory records
  • Accurate and timely billing for material sales
  • Full integration with other Spectrum applications

The above Materials application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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