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Wilson Electric Logos

Wilson Electric Services Corp. has been providing special systems and electrical contracting services to the Southwest since the late 1960s. The company, with offices throughout Arizona and New Mexico, has built a significant service component to its business over the decades and today handles more than 2,000 work orders in the field each year. Yet, the growing company struggled for years with inefficient ways to process and account for those work orders.

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Midwest Concrete Materials Logo

Mike Sanson, the IT and HR manager at Midwest Concrete Materials, was a driving force behind his company’s switch to Spectrum. When he joined the Manhattan, Kan.-based company, it was running its operations through another solution where the level security and audit trails were virtually nonexistent. On almost a daily basis, the company was having to go in and make billing adjustments, correct mistakes or re-enter information that wasn’t entered correctly the first time though manual processes.

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Baldwin Paving Logo

For a company like Marietta, GA-based Baldwin Paving, equipment is the lifeblood of its business. The heavy highway contractor is one of the largest and most reliable road builders in Georgia and to keep its stellar reputation, the company has to lean on its equipment to get the job done. Yet, for years prior to implementing Spectrum, Baldwin Paving did not have an accurate way to gauge equipment costs, meaning that while they were succeeding in the field, the company was selling itself short in the equipment yard and with its bottom line.

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Helmkamp Construction Logo

Before switching to Spectrum, Helmkamp Construction Company, an East Alton, IL-based general contractor had been struggling with its job cost accounting controls. The construction software it was using at the time did not have integrated T&M billing capabilities and the company found itself adding staff just to cover the excessive work it took to stay on top of its T&M billing practices. For a company that was growing by leaps and bounds, this was a challenge that was only growing more cumbersome.

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Scott Builders Inc. Logo

When Scott Builders Inc. of Red Deer, Alberta was looking for new software, one of the things that was critical to the company was to find a solution that would help it standardize its operations. Project managers and office staff previously used many different processes and systems for recording, analyzing and processing construction data, noted Murray Cunningham, Scott Builders’ chief operating officer, and those processes were not netting the desired results.

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See how Houston, Texas-based Pieper-Houston Electric L.P. has grown with Dexter + Chaney, utilizing Spectrum® Construction Software for more than 20 years to manage their business, including their new pre-fabrication and pre-construction facility. 2015 Innovator Award Winner.

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