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Each month Dexter + Chaney explores a wide variety of industry topics through webinars, case studies, white papers and videos.

Upgrading Your Software

Wayne Newitts and Mark Schwartz talk about changing your ERP software and the pain points that will encourage construction companies to do so. Many companies rely on spreadsheets, custom software or outdated software and don’t realize how inefficient these are. Changing your software is a huge leap for most businesses, but ultimately those who do are better for it. Find out why in the fourth installment of the Construction Corner Podcast.

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Service Management Podcast

In this episode, Wayne Newitts and Mark Schwartz talk about the role of ERP software in the service industry. Mark uses a suprising metaphore to explain how ERP software works seamlessly for field operators and the accounting office—using the same information while having unique displays based on job role.

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Engaging your employees in their daily tasks is critical, as high engagement results in top quality work and high retention rates. Engaging employees should start on day one and continue through every day of employment.

Is your employee engagement strategy the best it could possibly be? If not, check out 6 employee engagement trends to get you on track to success.

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Construction Corner Logo

In this week’s podcast, Dexter + Chaney’s Wayne Newitts and Mark Schwartz have a conversation about construction accounting and why your company may need an ERP software package. Many companies are still using multiple systems for business that may or may not easily share information. Construction ERP systems help consolidate your business so that all departments are sharing information seamlessly.

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Cascade Drilling Logo

Woodinville, Wash.-based Cascade Drilling/Technical Services has dramatically grown its business in just the past few years—both organically and through acquisition. See how Spectrum® Construction Software is helping the company manage this growth boom and maximizing the company's profits.

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