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Job Compliance Tracking

Job Compliance Tracking ApplicationJob Compliance Tracking is a powerful Spectrum tool that helps manage the various levels of compliance items and other tasks related to your projects. These include insurance certificates, owner liens, subcontractor liens, material liens, certified payroll reports, credit check documents, inspections, and other compliance tracking documentation.

The Job Compliance Tracking features built into Spectrum give contractors the ability to digitally manage all of their compliance-related tasks and documentation in one place. Alerts and automatic workflows ensure that your compliance documents are always up to date, and that the work being done on your projects is being done in full compliance of laws, regulations, and contractual agreements.

Dashboard App: My Compliance Log Status

Job Compliance Tracking ApplicationJob Compliance Tracking is made even easier with an easy-to-use app on the Spectrum Dashboard—My Compliance Log Status. Here users can see a snapshot of what compliance items are needed from vendors, subcontractors and sub-tier vendors. The app provides dates when compliance documents expire, issue alerts when new compliance documents are needed, and provides an easy portal to drill down into each document.

Multiple Levels of Compliance Management

In addition to tracking compliance documents for vendors and subcontractors, Spectrum’s Job Compliance Tracking allows for compliance management at the sub-tier vendor and sub-tier subcontractor level as well. Sub-tier vendors and sub-tier subcontractors that are out of compliance can affect your subcontractors’ job statuses and ultimately yours as well. These can lead to costly project delays and even potential lawsuits and penalties if not managed appropriately. Spectrum’s Job Compliance tracking ensures that everyone involved in a project is in full compliance and alerts you when documentation is needed—even on a sub-tier level.

Ease of Use through Automated Workflows

Automated workflows built into Job Compliance Tracking allow for full control of compliance items. For instance, when compliance documents are not in place for a particular vendor or subcontractor, invoices are automatically put on hold and cannot be paid until the correct compliance items are obtained. This ensures that payments to subcontractors and vendors don’t slip through the cracks despite missing documentation.

When compliance items are based on revolving dates, the Job Compliance Tracking features automatically create new open items. Compliance items that are needed weekly like certified payroll reports can be automatically managed through recurring tasks generated by Job Compliance Tracking. Compliance items that are expiring soon can be set up for automatic review, and tasks and emails can be generated to subcontractors and vendors when compliance items are needed.

Full Circle Compliance Management with Subcontract Kiosk

Job Compliance Tracking ApplicationAuthorized subcontractors and vendors can also access Spectrum via Subcontract Kiosk without the need for additional user licenses to update their compliance documents. The easy-to-use portal allows your vendors and your subs the ability to process billings, update compliance information, attach supporting documents using Document Imaging’s simple drag-and-drop feature, and print activity and billing reports. The My Subcontracts app allows users to view information on all of their open subcontracts, while the My Subcontract Warnings and Alerts app provides a list of all outstanding compliance information that must be provided, keeping subcontractors and vendors constantly apprised of the items needed to ensure compliance.

Job Compliance Tracking in Spectrum gives contractors the peace of mind that all aspects of their jobs and operations remain in full compliance, at all times.


  • All-encompassing compliance tracking features that operate seamlessly within all areas of Spectrum
  • Integration with AP prevents payments from being made to subcontractors and vendors that are out of compliance
  • Compliance items needing to be tracked and managed can be easily added to jobs in the Quick Job Setup feature
  • Alerts and notifications keep everyone apprised of compliance issues and documentation needed
  • Dedicated compliance workflows power compliance alerts, automate compliance tasks and processes, and prevent payments to subs and vendors when necessary
  • Document Imaging allows compliance documents to easily be scanned, stored and attached to compliance tasks within Spectrum
  • Full archiving for current and past compliance documentation built into Spectrum


  • One place to electronically keep track of all of your compliance tasks and documents
  • Eliminate manual compliance tracking methods like paper, multiple spreadsheets and filing cabinets
  • Opens access to everyone involved with a project to keep tabs on and provide important compliance documentation
  • Built-in workflows, alerts and processes make management of compliance items a simple process
  • Full archiving of compliance documentation keeps your organization up-to-date and easily informed should issues arise
  • Better manage payments and invoices and prevent processing of payments to subcontractors and vendors who are not in compliance

The above Job Compliance Tracking application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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