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Inventory Control

Purchase Order Screen ShotSpectrum® Inventory Control helps contractors manage their inventory, no matter where the items are located: on a service vehicle, in a warehouse, or allocated to a specific job. With a consistent way to organize your assets, Inventory Control lets you control the location and pricing of your materials.

Manage Your Assets and Plan for Purchases

Spectrum Inventory Control can be used to organize and verify your inventory. Reports provide information on past purchases, sell rates, reorder points, and suggested quantities, so you can make informed purchasing decisions on materials.

Inventory Control supports the use of multiple warehouses, which can include service vehicles, so you can easily locate items, no matter where they are stored. The application supports an unlimited number of inventory items and user-defined alpha-numeric item codes. In addition, multi-level pricing, quantity breaks, customer special pricing, and promotional discounts can be easily built into item pricing.

When inventory needs to be counted, you can generate a count sheet within Inventory Control, and the application automatically locks down against any changes until the count is completed. Spectrum helps you identify any variances between your records and what you count.

Inventory Control’s reporting capabilities put previous order information at your fingertips. You can see up to six months of sales history, helping you make purchasing decisions based on data. To assist with replenishment, Inventory Control alerts you when stock levels fall below user-defined reorder points and suggested quantities.

Complete Integration Serves Contractors on the Job

Inventory Control works together with other Spectrum applications including Job Cost and Work Order. For example, the integration between Inventory and Job Cost allows you to see which items have been ordered and charged to a specific job. Job requisitions can be placed in inventory, creating committed costs on your job. When items are shipped, the job is expensed, and inventory records are updated accordingly.

Inventory Control lets you assign and transfer items to a job, view all materials that have been committed to it, and prevent assigned inventory from being allocated to other jobs. You also have the option to allocate materials to the job at a mark-up. When it comes time to send materials to the jobsite, use Inventory Control to print a list of all items committed to the job to serve as a pull list.

Spectrum Inventory Control also tracks items that are allocated to work orders. As items are pulled from truck or warehouse stock and charged to a work order, inventory will automatically be reduced in Inventory Control.


Spectrum Inventory Control helps you manage your assets by knowing exactly what materials you have and what needs to be replaced. You gain insight into your committed costs by seeing ordered items as open commitments. Spectrum Inventory Control gives you an easy way to assign materials to your jobs and work orders.


  • Four standard costing methods are available: LIFO, FIFO, standard and average cost.
  • Five transaction types are available: eceipts, orders, transfers, adjustments, and credit returns.
  • The system allows a virtually unlimited number of user-defined fields.
  • Supports the use of multiple warehouses and unlimited inventory items and item comments.
  • Primary and secondary vendors and alternate items can be recorded to be offered automatically as options if the desired item is out of stock.
  • Up to five pricing levels per item are supported.
  • Quantity price breaks may be offered by item or category, calculated from either list or sell price.
  • Percentage price changes can be processed automatically.
  • Customer special pricing and discounts supported, plus percentage price changes can be processed automatically.
  • Items can be tied to a phase/cost type. High volume, high turnover, or other critical criteria can be tracked with user-defined ABC classification of inventory items.
  • Dates of last order, receipt, adjustment, and shipment are maintained for every item at every warehouse.
  • Discontinued items are easily tracked by checking the appropriate box when editing item information.
  • Easily see all materials assigned to a job or add additional items with a single click.
  • Inventory receipts may be entered manually or processed when the purchase order is created.
  • Separate units of measure for purchase or sale transactions are available.
  • Item reorder points and suggested quantities for reorder are maintained for each warehouse.
  • Quick lookup screens throughout give access by category, primary vendor code, vendor part number, item code, and item.
  • Integration with Trade Service Corporation’s TRA-SER® Pro program allows items to be imported directly into Spectrum Inventory Control with updated pricing using the TRA-SER Quick Link screen. Simply select the items to update the pricing of standard costs or user-defined pricing levels.
  • Mixes are processed automatically from raw items to mix assembly. You have the ability to combine multiple inventory items into one single item. When you sell one mix item, the inventory for the raw material adjusts accordingly.
  • Inventory Control is fully integrated with other Spectrum applications including Job Cost, General Ledger, Time + Material, Work Order, Purchase Order, and Order Processing.


  • View reorder reports, stock status reports, and inventory valuation reports on demand.
  • Easily view a current valuation total of your inventory and detailed transaction history on screen or in reports.
  • Easy-to-use physical inventory system facilitates the counting of inventory.
  • Single-point-of-entry system saves time and ensures accuracy.
  • Spectrum’s Work Order Entry form allows for easy entering of parts and materials to a work order.
  • Actual location of stock within each warehouse can be tracked for easy locating.

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