Construction Software for Mechanical Contractors

Whether you perform work on large projects or are faced with juggling numerous smaller jobs, Dexter + Chaney construction software has the tools that help mechanical contractors turn projects into profit.

Job Cost Accounting

Spectrum® Construction Software helps you keep track of every transaction, automating your billing and payment processes and ensuring that no revenue falls through the cracks. And because Spectrum Job Cost is integrated with the rest of the Spectrum software, you have up-to-date information on the actual costs and progress of all your work, letting you take action before problems get out of hand.

Service & Warranty Management

To meet the needs of mechanical contractors with a service component to their business, Dexter + Chaney created a Service Management solution for Spectrum® Construction Software. With Service Management you can manage service work orders from receipt through dispatch, completion, and billing. You’ll always know when work is being performed on equipment under warranty, and your field technicians will have access to up-to-date repair histories and equipment information.

Purchasing and Inventory

Effective management of purchasing and inventory requires effective communication between your field staff and the office. With Spectrum® Construction Software, as soon as a purchase order is created or inventory is assigned in the field as part of a job or work order, that information becomes part of the work record. Not only does this ensure you always receive payment for parts and labor, it eliminates the need for double entry of information.

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