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General Contractors Selects Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum®  Construction Software

SEATTLE, April 19, 2016: Needing to replace its outdated construction accounting software and expand to a more complete ERP system, San Antonio, Texas-based Joeris General Contractors chose Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Construction Software after an extensive vetting process. Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software, proved that its solutions were not just up-to-date with modern technologies, but scalable for future growth.

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Construction Software Purchase Home Run

Jumping the gun on a software purchase is like walking up to the batting plate without a bat. You’re not prepared and you will be thrown curve balls. Before you look outside for solutions, first look inside and identify your company’s problems. When the fast balls start flying, it’s important for you to be able to separate the flashy “nice-to-haves” from the fundamental “must-haves.”

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John W. McDougall Co., Inc. Logo

SEATTLE, March 29, 2016: Nashville, Tenn.-based metal fabrication and installation contractor John W. McDougall Co., Inc. has selected Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Construction Software in order to attain a complete, construction-specific software solution that could address the company’s job costing and business analysis needs. Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software, was the only software provider that delivered everything the company needed, noted John W. McDougall Co., Inc. CFO Marcelle Mallais.

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Construction Software, Automotive Comparison

This is ultimately a blog about construction software, but stay with me as I put on my “Top Gear” hat and take you on a trip through an automotive analogy. I remember first learning how to work on cars a number of years ago, a number that is becoming disturbingly large. This was back in the day when owning a timing light was pretty standard and checking the points, plugs and condenser was pretty routine. Opening the hood of my ’72 Nova, I could actually identify just about everything I saw there.

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Hands-on Training Quells Modern Technology Resistance

As you’re reading this, I’m probably traveling—on my way down to Puerto Rico for an industry conference. I note this not because I want to brag about 80 degrees and a cool breeze (though I do), but because for the past month, I’ve been practicing my very, very rusty Spanish in order to adapt better when speaking to any of the locals. In order to brush up, I’ve been using a wonderful app on my phone called Duolingo. It makes learning—or relearning—Spanish simple and fun, yet nets significant results.

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SEATTLE, February 18, 2016: Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software and developer of Spectrum® Construction Software, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Nelco, which will allow Spectrum users to significantly streamline and simplify their year-end employee payroll reporting practices.

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