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Spectrum Human Resources

Human Resources Screen ShotKeeping track of your employees’ certifications, training and personal data can be a difficult and time consuming task. The Human Resource (HR) application in Spectrum® Construction Software helps you securely manage and track all of your employee data. With customizable fields and security settings, alert capabilities and integration with other Spectrum applications, Spectrum HR provides centralized, easy access to your employees’ data.

Employee Management and Benefits

At every step of employment, Spectrum HR provides tools and check lists to assist you, so you always have the right information and follow the correct procedures. If your company requires a waiting period before employees are eligible for medical or retirement benefits, you can setup automatic notifications to alert you when new employees become eligible. You can also set up alerts for employees already fully onboard during open enrollment periods, rules for vacation and disability benefits, and contributions to employees’ 401K plans.

OSHA Forms and Incident Reports

You do your best to keep your employees and worksites safe, however, accidents occur. Spectrum HR makes it possible for you to create OSHA incidents using 300, 300A and 301 forms and to create incident reports. These reports can be specific to employees, days of the week, or time of day. With this information you can identify safety trends and help your managers modify work schedules and the types of work performed in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Track Important Dates

From certifications to insurance cards, HR departments manage documents that require ongoing updates. Built-in tools notify you when certifications are about to expire, so employees can refresh required training. The application also notifies you of anniversary dates so you can acknowledge employee loyalty.

Comprehensive Security

Multiple layers of user-defined security within Spectrum HR protect sensitive and confidential portions of personnel records, including performance issues, dates of birth and results of drug and alcohol testing. The designated HR administrator assigns who can create, view, modify and delete employee data, giving key personnel individual security privileges to see only the records necessary to perform their roles. For example, a safety manager might have privileges to view an employee’s OSHA data but be restricted from viewing the results of a drug and alcohol test. Any activities performed within HR are recorded in the software’s Audit Log, which includes a date- and time-stamped record of the person making the change, as well as the original and updated information.


Spectrum Human Resources streamlines employee data management by securely recording and tracking the personnel information important to running your business. Integration across various applications within Spectrum, including Document Imaging, Payroll and General Ledger, provides easy access to all the information you need for effective, confidential and efficient HR management.


  • Provides a structured way to set up new employees information, document performance reviews, perform salary adjustments, track applicants, track drug and alcohol testing, document OSHA and safety requirements, record skills and certifications, set up employee benefits, track vacation accruals, and much more. One-click navigation easily lets you access key employee information
  • Allows you to define unlimited alphabetic, numeric and date fields, with automatic documentation of any changes to these fields
  • Provides an Employee Management screen as your complete source for accessing personnel information, and includes information such as review forms, training logs, auto deposit information and earnings history
  • Allows you to select the type of OSHA form to use (300, 300A or 301), and provides the option to print the forms and complete them manually
  • Permits you to set up triggers as automatic reminders of important dates and action items. You can set up alerts in email to notify you of empty vacation hour banks, I-9 dates expiring, driver’s license dates expiring, incomplete employee fields (such as Social Security numbers and birth/hire dates), among others
  • The Recurring Benefits feature allows you to set up and manage eligibility requirements for benefits and to change benefit limits and rates for a select group of employees
  • Allows you to make pay adjustments from one place (Rate Management) and automatically save the information in Payroll, the HR Salary Log and the employee master file
  • Provides views of accrued vacation, holiday and sick time for employees, and lets you post the information to the General Ledger, along with the dollar impact of these accruals. You can also track FMLA
  • Creates a number of reports, including Add-on History, Benefit Management, Deduction history, and others


  • Provides a secure, confidential, central location for tracking all data related effective HR management
  • Gives assigned personnel access to information they need to do their jobs while maintaining employee confidentiality
  • Fully automates the process of employee management with built-in flexibility so you can tailor employee record-keeping to the unique needs of your business
  • Helps you determine which employees are best suited for jobs by easily providing certification and qualification information
  • Provides a proactive approach to employee data management with automatic and customizable alerts, saving you time

The above Human Resources application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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