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FieldConnect Mobile Solution

FieldAccess Mobile Screen ShotDexter + Chaney and FieldConnect have partnered to empower the mobile service management workforce. FieldConnect’s mobile solutions expand work order, dispatch and service management capabilities from the back office into the field. Fully integrated with Spectrum, FieldConnect streamlines the flow of information to and from technicians in the field, ensuring that field service information is updated in real time.

A powerful service management tool

FieldConnect provides technicians with the information access they need to manage work orders and service contracts in the field and in real time. From any Android®, iOS® or Windows® mobile device, technicians use FieldAccess to see all work orders assigned to them, read notes related to the client or the assignment, access maps and directions, upload job site photos, collect electronic signatures, even email service reports and other forms and documents directly from the service site. Technicians can even record their time by clocking in and out of the assignment from the field.

Technicians and service managers also manage parts, materials and inventory better with FieldAccess. From their mobile device, technicians can quickly locate parts and supplies they need and assign the trunk-stock items they use to the work orders they complete. Technicians with proper authorization can even create purchase requests on-the-go ensuring that they can access the parts they need and assign the costs to the work order. Technicians can also take photos of receipts via mobile devices and send them to the office staff in real time providing all of the needed information to generate a purchase order.

Complete Spectrum integration means faster billing and better work

Because FieldConnect’s solutions are completely integrated with Spectrum, work orders and invoices get generated quickly, work gets billed faster and service contractors get paid faster. This keeps both technicians in the field and the staff in the office informed, service work moving, and customers happy.

FieldAccess Mobile Screen Shot

Never worry about network coverage again

FieldConnect’s FieldAccess tool works whether the user is online or offline. When there’s limited or no data coverage, users can still collect data while on the service job and synch back to Spectrum once reconnected. Operating offline is valuable when service work takes technicians to areas like data centers, mechanical rooms and out-of-coverage geographies.

Dispatch with ease, with historical record of previous work

Service managers and dispatchers can use either Spectrum’s own service dispatch capabilities, or FieldConnect’s FieldDispatch module. With FieldDispatch, an unlimited number of technicians can be assigned and dispatched as needed to service sites. Work orders can also be assigned across multiple technicians or tasks. This allows service work to be done in parts if needed, yet still applied to a single work order. FieldAccess Mobile Screen ShotA detailed archive of technicians’ previous work is available for dispatchers to review historical work by service site or by specific equipment.

Customizable forms and checklists simplify service work and management

Within FieldAccess, FieldConnect provides technicians with a host of electronic forms to complete as part of the service work they’re providing. From inspection forms to safety report forms to customer engagement forms, FieldConnect makes it easy for service contractors to select a form, customize it to their needs and ensure technicians use the forms for the right tasks and the right customers.

There are also checklists and task completion processes built right into FieldConnect. Integrating with Spectrum, FieldAccess makes the management of PM tasks and operational checklists easy and transparent.

FieldAccess Mobile Screen Shot

Interactive customer portal enhances the service experience

FieldConnect also provides the FieldDirect module—a customer portal where service customers can login, see the status of service work they have requested and the technicians assigned, request new service, add notes and attach images related to their service sites, and more. The portal allows service customers to have real-time and historical visibility into service performance making a closer relationship with the service contractor that’s hard to displace. The portal is configurable and can be branded to the service contractor’s logo, which provides another tool to facilitate positive, direct relationships with service customers.

FieldConnect provides a complete package to improve service work visibility in the field and in the office. By integrating directly with Spectrum, FieldConnect tools provide all of the benefits of mobility in a complete service management solution.


  • Mobile work order completion with access to site and equipment history stored in Spectrum
  • Electronic signature capture and service report completion at the service site
  • Access to read and create notes, or view maps relating to the service work or the service site
  • Ability to upload before and after pictures, images of documents, and receipts to Spectrum via mobile devices
  • Tracking of inventory usage and application of inventory costs to work orders from the mobile device
  • Generation of purchase requests from the field tying purchase orders to work order costing
  • Facility to enter and track labor for individuals and crews
  • Flexible technician dispatching tools with ability to assign work orders across multiple technicians and tasks with access to archived work history
  • Fully customizable forms and task-oriented checklists
  • Real-time integration with Spectrum Construction Software applications
  • Interactive customer portal
  • Offline operation to complete work orders in areas of no data-coverage


  • Eliminates double entry and speeds payment of receivables because of integration with Spectrum Construction Software applications
  • Keeps technicians apprised of the latest, real-time information of work to be performed in the field without endless calls between the back office and the field or technician to technician.
  • Provides simple, accurate method to process work orders
  • Supplies accurate labor costing for work performed with real time updates to Spectrum’s Payroll application
  • Streamlines inventory usage tracking and expedites purchase orders
  • Allows easier, more informed dispatching
  • Introduces electronic service document management through custom forms, templates and checklists
  • Eliminates the paperwork of service work order processing
  • Improves visibility to technician efficiency and to task and checklist compliance
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and retention with an interactive customer portal

The above FieldConnect Mobile Solution application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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