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Field Tech Kiosk

Field Tech Kiosk

Spectrum’s Field Tech Kiosk expands the reach of Spectrum Service and Work Order Management to technicians and other operational staff in the field, providing them with the information and tools they need to manage their work orders, inventory, labor, and more. Fully integrated with Spectrum® Construction Software, Field Tech is accessed via the Spectrum Dashboard. This means your entire field staff can access the application by simply logging into the Spectrum Dashboard from a tablet. And as with all Spectrum Dashboard apps, access is unlimited and does not require the purchase of additional licenses for every user.

Manage Work

Field Tech Kiosk streamlines the flow of information to and from technicians in the field, letting them focus on work, not paperwork. From tablets such as an iPad, technicians can see all work orders assigned to them, read notes related to the client or the job, access maps and directions, upload job site photos, even email work order forms directly from the job.

Manage Labor

All the work done by individuals or crews assigned to a job can be managed with Field Tech. Lead technicians or individuals can record their time on the job by clocking in and out directly from the Field Tech labor screen. If new techs are assigned to the job they can be quickly added, and if labor is entered in error, managers can make manual adjustments. At a glance, you can see the comparison between hours quoted or projected and the actual hours worked for your jobs.

Field Tech Kiosk

Manage Billing

When work is complete, technicians can capture client signatures on work orders. These can then be emailed directly to the client as an approved invoice with the click of a button. Field Tech’s full integration with Spectrum software means that invoices are sent faster without the need for duplicate effort back at the office.

Manage Inventory

All the parts and materials your field staff need can be tracked and managed in real time through Field Tech. All the inventory items assigned to service vans can be tracked, and field technicians can quickly locate parts and supplies they need. Authorized individuals can even create and issue Purchase Order requests directly from Field Tech Kiosk.

Field Tech Kiosk is one of the most comprehensive mobile software tools available for service and work order management. The seamless integration with Spectrum Construction Software ensures that information from across all job locations and from the office remain synchronized and updated in real time. Through its connection to Spectrum Document Imaging, field technicians have full access to all documentation surrounding a work order and can upload new pictures and documents created at the job site. Field staff have everything they need at their fingertips to perform work, process transactions, track labor, and manage inventory, all without the burden of paperwork.


  • At-a-glance work order summary information with drill down into job details. Dashboard elements include:
    • My Open Work Orders: Lists all active work orders assigned to the user
    • My Other Work Orders: Lists non-active work orders along with their status
    • My Work Order Time: One-click access to view or modify labor hours
    • Truck Inventory: Quick view of existing inventory available
    • Truck Restocking Alerts: Automatic notification when individuals or warehouse inventory items need to be replenished for individuals or warehouses
  • Signature capture and invoicing from the job site
  • Read and create notes relating to the client or job site
  • View and upload job site images
  • Track and manage inventory
  • Create and issue Purchase Orders from the field
  • Enter and track labor for individuals and crews
  • Quick view of labor actual vs. quoted performance
  • Built-in access to maps of job site locations
  • Fully integrated with Spectrum Construction Software applications—no synchronization needed
  • Access managed through comprehensive Spectrum security tools


    Field Tech Kiosk
  • Puts service and work order information in the hands of all technicians who need it without the need for additional software licenses
  • No software to load on tablets
  • Provides technicians with important information about the job site and the work to be performed
  • Ensures accurate labor costing for work performed and provides real time updates to Spectrum’s Payroll application
  • Helps track and optimize inventory assignment and usage
  • Integration with Spectrum Construction Software applications eliminates double entry
  • On-site invoicing speeds payment of receivables
  • Eliminates the paperwork and minimizes the administrative burdens placed on technicians

The above Field Tech Kiosk application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

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