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Spectrum Service TechSpectrum Service Tech streamlines the data delivery and administrative tasks for service technicians in the field, empowering them with the data they need at any time and allowing them to focus more on the physical work they’re specifically trained for. Designed specifically for mobile devices, Spectrum Service Tech provides technicians with the tools they need to manage work orders, track parts and inventory, assign and update labor, collect electronic signatures, review and create notes on work orders, upload jobsite photos and forms, and more—all from the field on their mobile device.

Fully-integrated with Spectrum® Construction Software, Service Tech is easy to learn and simple to use. The user interface was designed to be responsive to virtually any mobile device, allowing technicians to easily navigate the task at hand. Service managers or administrators can customize Spectrum Service Tech to only display tasks and information relevant to their work. All data captured or modified in the field also automatically updates to Spectrum in real time.

Streamline work orders

With Spectrum Service Tech, technicians simply log in and start working. Technicians can see all work orders assigned to them, read any related notes about the jobsite or customer, and access maps for directions. Once working, technicians can make notes about the jobsite or equipment, check parts and inventory, generate a purchase order request, upload photos and forms and more. Spectrum Service Tech also provides electronic signature capture for customers to sign or approve work orders and instantly email them from the mobile device.

Track labor and work performed

Spectrum Service Tech helps manage the work performed by individual technicians or crews. Time on job or service sites can be recorded by clocking in and out directly from technicians’ mobile devices. New technicians can be easily added to jobs or reassigned to others. If labor hours are entered in error or need to be changed, technicians can adjust via Spectrum Service Tech as well. Labor data also feeds directly back to Spectrum in real time.

Additionally, technicians can look up past work to see a historical service record for sites. They can immediately see what parts were used, which technicians previously performed work and more.

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Bill work faster and boost customer satisfaction

When work is complete, technicians can capture client signatures on work orders. These can then be emailed directly to the client with the click of a button. Or, thanks to the real-time integration with Spectrum, work orders can be quickly routed through accounting and invoices can be generated much faster since there is no wait for technicians to get back to the office and enter their billing information.

The quicker billings allow service managers to perform more up-to-date analytics of service work and better overall management of service operations. Service customers meanwhile benefit from the ability to quickly receive invoices and get them paid. Meanwhile, the quality of work performed improves since the technicians are not spending half of their time doing administrative work.

With happier customers and more streamlined operations, service companies can take on more work and grow their business.

Spectrum Service Tech is available as a subscription service from Dexter + Chaney.


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  • Streamlined work order system for technicians to see work orders assigned and drill down into job details
  • Designed to be responsive for virtually all mobile devices
  • Easily manages labor with clock-in, clock-out feature
  • Captures electronic signatures directly from the jobsite
  • Tracks part and inventory, including service truck inventory
  • Creates purchase order requests from the field
  • Built-in maps provide easy access to job locations
  • Provides access to job notes and ability to create notes in the field
  • Lets technicians view and upload photos directly from jobsite
  • Allows historical lookup of jobsite data and previous work done
  • Fully integrated with Spectrum® Construction Software


  • Empowers service technicians by giving them the data and tools they need at the jobsite
  • Cloud-based operation—no software to load onto tablets
  • Ensures accurate labor costing for work performed and provides real-time updates to Spectrum’s Payroll application
  • Eliminates paperwork and reduces potential for erroneous data collected in the field
  • Speeds invoicing to speed payments
  • Helps track and optimize parts usage and other inventory
  • Eliminates double data entry through real-time, streamlined connection between Spectrum and Service Tech
  • Reduces administrative and data entry work for technicians in the field, allowing them to focus on quality of work
  • Increases customer satisfactions with jobs being completed quicker and with more attention to detail

The above Spectrum Service Tech application brief is available for download by clicking here.

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