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Spectrum Document Imaging

Simply scan an invoice and drag it into Spectrum Spectrum Document Imaging does more than just deliver a paperless work environment—it provides a sophisticated set of tools that makes your documents more accessible and valuable to your business. With this powerful application, you can completely manage all your business documents and records from any device running Spectrum® Construction Software.

Document Imaging features are available throughout Spectrum software. From accounts payable to project management, you can scan, sort, search, route, approve, annotate and much more without switching to a separate application or window. Spectrum Document Imaging supports and streamlines the flow of work and information throughout a construction company.


Spectrum Document Imaging includes powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. With OCR, any typed word on a document becomes searchable, letting you easily find elusive or historic information. Your files can be automatically indexed and stored based on their content and on rules that you establish.

Indexed document data is stored in the Spectrum SQL database, making it part of the integrated Spectrum data set and available for access by Spectrum’s powerful tools. This also allows for drill-down, letting you click through from high-level business information to specific supporting documentation.

Spectrum offers the only full web-based document imaging solution for the construction industry. From any Internet-connected device you can view any type of stored document directly from a browser. Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (AJAX) technology accelerates preview and viewing speed, providing users with easy access to large files even from mobile devices in the field.


  • OCR technology allows for automatic indexing and comprehensive search capability
  • Associate documents with virtually any data in Spectrum
  • No manual linking required—simply drag-and-drop documents to associate them with specific records including jobs, transactions, invoices, vendors, and more
  • Access of all documents associated with a record with the click of a button
  • Print, fax, email, and route documents from within Spectrum
  • Store electronic document in multiple format types
  • Batch scanning functionality for high-volume time-consuming tasks such as time card entry or invoice processing
  • Drill-down all the way to documents from high level summary information
  • Custom reports can include scanned document data
  • Multiple levels of document security settings
  • Images can be scanned and stored at photocopy quality


  • Maintain a comprehensive, searchable database of all company records for internal use as well as in support of company audits or litigation
  • Automate the invoice routing and approval process
  • Create electronic backup copies of vital company information that can be used to restore operations quickly in an emergency or share large volumes of data with other parties
  • Automate the electronic filing process by creating rules that read your scanned or electronic documents and file them based on key terms.
  • Associate one file with multiple records so that relevant documentation is available regardless of how you are navigating or using Spectrum

The above Document Imaging application brief is also available for download by clicking here.

If you would like further information about the Spectrum Document Imaging or about Spectrum Construction Software, please request a demonstration from one of our software specialists.