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Spectrum Dashboard

Spectrum Dashboard App Brief - Construction Software

The Spectrum Construction Software Dashboard is an intelligent, flexible and accessible portal to help Spectrum users manage complex work and information all in one convenient, easy-to-use location. Logging into Spectrum takes you immediately to your individual dashboard with applications displaying data relevant to your job. Users can see bar graphs or pie charts breaking data down into key performance indicators, lists of data or tasks, alerts and notifications—even company event information and industry news feeds. Everyone in the organization can access the Spectrum Dashboard to see how projects are progressing, how the company is performing, to stay abreast of the latest news, get their daily tasks, and much more.

Redefining the business dashboard

The Spectrum Dashboard goes far beyond what most other software dashboards provide. Starting with a high-level graphical presentation of information, you can drill down to the deep levels of data directly from any of the many Dashboard Apps. The apps tie directly into Spectrum’s database, ensuring that all the information presented is up-to-the-minute accurate. The Spectrum Dashboard combines elements of business intelligence, intuitive navigation, and custom reporting all in one tool, and allows every person in your company the ability to build the views, lists, alerts, and reports that matter most to them.

Examples of some of the apps delivered with each Spectrum system include those which feature insight into cash flow, work in progress, cost-to-complete, over/under billing, and earned revenue, overdue project tasks, change order status, work order statistics, and many more.

Dashboard App Brief - Construction Software

The real power of the Spectrum Dashboard lies in its accessibility. Every employee, whether they access Spectrum construciton software though a paid user’s license or not, can log into the Dashboard. This makes it an ideal tool for sharing relevant job information, tasks, alerts, or even company news and events. As with other Spectrum applications, complete security is part of the design of the Spectrum Dashboard. System administrators can determine whom to give access to the dashboard, which apps they can access, and even which specific data they want different users to be able to view. A project manager, for example, may be granted access to see all apps, but those apps will only reflect jobs they are managing.

Spectrum Kiosks expand data entry to the field and beyond

More than just a tool for sharing information across the company, certain apps called Dashboard Kiosks are available that let employees enter data and perform specific tasks. Particularly useful for remote or field staff, the Dashboard Kiosks include capabilities such as entering labor hours by job, self-serve access to pay statements, equipment tracking and preventive maintenance alerts, work order processing, subcontractor management, and more. Spectrum Kiosks extend the power of Spectrum into the field and across all employees.

Completely customizable—completely secure

Each user can customize their experience with the Spectrum Dashboard. You can choose from a large number of pre-built apps or create your own using Spectrum’s app creation functionality. Virtually every data element in your database is available for you to use in building apps to suit your needs.

The look and feel of each app, either pre-existing or custom-built, can be modified to your tastes. Through the Dashboard Settings function, you can search for, select, and position your apps the way you’d like to see them. From the dashboard itself, utilities let you quickly change appearances and sizes, and you can drag and drop apps wherever you want them to appear on the screen.

Spectrum Dashboard Kiosks

  • Employee Kiosk—provides a secure portal for employees to enter their hours and payroll information, and to access other human resources information. They can also retrieve summaries of previous time card entries and print out their earnings statements.
  • Subcontract Kiosk—allows authorized subcontractors the ability to enter their progress billings and submit them electronically into Spectrum’s Invoice Approval. Using the kiosk, subcontractors can process billings, attach supporting documents using Spectrum’s Document Imaging, print activity and billing reports, and view information on all open subcontracts.
  • Field Tech Kiosk—designed for technicians and other field operations staff, it allows them to remotely access, create and update work orders in the field. Technicians can log in from their tablet devices and access the Field Tech kiosk on their dashboard. They can see their assigned work orders, enter labor hours, manage materials and site equipment, create and manage purchase orders, create and update charges and billings, view complete service history and much more.


  • Create customizable views of virtually any data in your system
  • More than 100 pre-built dashboard apps
  • Build your own Apps with easy-to-use tools
  • Give every employee in the company can Dashboard access
  • Every employee can customize their Dashboard views
  • Security settings allow administrators to regulate what Apps and data particular users can access
  • See data displayed via charts, graphs, lists or other formats
  • Use Dashboard Apps to serve as summary real-time reporting tools on key performance indicators
  • Drill down into detailed data directly from Spectrum Dashboard app
  • Specialized Spectrum Kiosks allow remote users to perform tasks such as time entry, equipment tracking, work order processing, or subcontractor management
  • Completely integrated throughout all areas of Spectrum functionality


  • Expands access to data to everyone in the company who needs to see it
  • Closes gap between the field and the office by providing tools for remote users to see and process project data
  • Provides a single location for users to manage all of their tasks and workflows throughout Spectrum
  • Allows users to see real-time alerts, project updates, company news, workflow prompts and more
  • Simplify time and equipment tracking across your company

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