construction tabletsIt seems like nearly every week I read about a new tablet offering of some sort – whether it’s a new version, a mini-version, or a brand new tablet. Along with the product announcements, I usually see a buzz of activity around the tech blogs proclaiming why or why not the tablet will succeed. All the comparisons of functionality and available apps remind me of how my kids and their friends would compare who got the best toys at Christmas.


construction equipment managementI have a lot of clients who manage fleets of heavy construction equipment, so I jumped at the chance recently to attend a presentation on new telematics technologies given by one of the country’s largest equipment suppliers. I was more than impressed by advances in the amount and type of data that could be collected from onboard systems, and by the intelligent use of integrated mobile wireless and GPS technologies.


ball in courtI'm a pretty big fan of team sports. I'd have to put basketball and baseball high on the list (a somewhat painful situation since I live in Seattle), and our Seahawks are usually good for some playoff football drama. But I am also a fan of tennis.


successLast week when I was preparing for a couple of weeks on the road I wrote about why I value the trade show experience. Now I’m right in the middle of that experience and loving it, despite a hoarse voice and sore feet. This week’s blog is coming to you from Las Vegas, where my company is exhibiting at the World of Concrete, one of my favorite shows.

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trade showsIn the course of any given week I'll engage with a number of folks outside of my company. I may visit some local customers, give an online presentation of our latest construction software to prospective clients, or talk to an industry analyst. But this time of year I'm reminded of how large and diverse our industry is because this is the time when I hit the road.