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Labor vs jobsOverall growth in the construction industry indicates now is the time for contractors to take advantage of an improving economy to expand their business. Whether their market is retail, warehouse or lodging–where growth is expected to be strong–or in a segment that relies on federal funding like marine or direct federal construction–where forecasts are less optimistic–finding and retaining qualified people can be a challenge. Who would have thought that the downside of an improving economy would be a workforce shortage? Yet that’s exactly what contractors across the country are faced with as the industry prepares to hire again.


Messy Desk Image Before I co-founded Dexter + Chaney in 1981 with my friend and colleague Mark Dexter, we both worked for a consulting company. It was far from the norm for our construction clients back then to have computers in the office, let alone at their job sites. After we left the firm to start Dexter + Chaney and develop construction software, this remained the case throughout much of the early years of our business. I even recall a marketing pamphlet we created titled “Why Your Contracting Business Could Use a Computer.” Or something along those lines.


Online MarketingOnline marketing can be inherently difficult in certain industries, construction being one of them. Marketing the stellar work your construction company does may not be as sexy as unveiling the latest iPhone, but with the right approach, you can tell a story that is compelling and relevant to your target audience.

Improving your online presence can bring in new clients and create more revenue. The hardest part is usually getting started. If you’re not a tech-savvy marketer, you may feel overwhelmed. Here is a little inside information to help get you started.

Peiper-Houston Innovator Award

At our Connect 2015 Users’ Conference (our 19th annual) a few weeks ago, we honored three companies as finalists for our Innovator Awards: Houston, Texas-based Pieper-Houston Electric L.P.; Cameron, Texas-based EBCO General Contractors Ltd.; and Seattle, Wash.-based Unity Electric Contractors and Engineers. The Innovator Award recognizes the innovative uses of our Spectrum® Construction Software and technologies by contractors that allow them to take their company’s success to the next level.


Connect 2015 ImageLast week, we held our 19th annual Connect Users’ Conference. It’s a humbling experience to have hundreds of attendees converge at our Seattle venue. Many traveled from across the country to spend a few days with us learning about our software, so we worked hard to make the experience worth everyone’s time, effort and expense.