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Jana Richey has been with O’Shea since 2006, serving as the company treasurer and project accountant. Richey handles the essential day-to-day financial operations of the company including closing the books, preparing monthly financial statements, reconciling bank statements and managing accounting staff. Since Richey came on board, O’Shea has nearly doubled in volume.

In 2006, the company was using two software programs: one for accounting and another for project management. In 2009, the company decided to streamline accounting and operations with a single construction management system. After an extensive evaluation process that involved the different teams who would be using the new construction software, O’Shea selected Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Construction Software.

O’Shea’s new construction management software purchase included Spectrum Document Imaging (DI). Dexter + Chaney pioneered document management for the construction industry with the release of Spectrum Document Imaging in 1999. DI is fully integrated throughout Spectrum, allowing documents to be scanned and available anywhere within the software including accounting and project management. According to Richey, “We started with DI just in payables. It’s so nice to be able to go into an account and look at an invoice right away.” When someone needs to see an invoice, they can look it up on their own, “Rather than waiting for me to respond to their request, DI empowers staff to gather the data themselves and prevents a bottle neck.” Richey can attest first-hand to the dramatic improvement Spectrum Document Imaging provides in terms of document management. Prior to using Spectrum, an O’Shea client decided to conduct an efficiency audit on their construction projects. “The client wanted a copy of everything, every piece of documentation related to a past project we performed for them,” said Richey. “It took me two weeks to find all the paperwork.” Spectrum Document Imaging changed all that with the press of a single button.

“Now all I have to do is put a disc in and say ‘ok, here it is.’ I can create a CD and give it to the client, and they can look at whatever they want - it has gone so smoothly,” said Richey. She estimates that the company puts about 1,000 invoices through the system in a month. Before DI, Richey would have to “print out the job cost file and go through a stack of bills and say which ones I would need” then make the requisite copies.

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Not only does Spectrum Document Imaging reduce countless hours spent managing hard copies, it has also reduced expenses.

Before DI, the company outsourced the scanning of files to a third-party service roughly 100 miles away. “Before, we were scanning and sending all our documents down to a place in St Louis and they would scan and load it into our network,” said Richey, “It’s nice being able to do that in-house.” The elimination of that service translates to a savings of hundreds of dollars each month.

Spectrum Document Imaging allows Richey to save resources that were previously spent collecting hard copies and paying to have files scanned. DI is helping Richey realize her next goal: getting rid of file cabinets in the office. “We’ll be able to eliminate 15 four drawer cabinets that take up an entire wall. “We’re not there yet, but we’ve started scanning all documents into Spectrum before we send them over to the job.” Scanning documents from the beginning gives project managers immediate access to the documents and saves Richey hours filing and finding documents. “I can’t tell you how much it time it has saved me. It’s 95% better than it was when we started using DI three years ago—it saves time everywhere.”

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Document Imaging gives you three ways to attach documents: as a batch (for groups of documents like timecards), during data entry (without leaving the current screen), and after the fact.
document imaging screen shot two
DI is fully integrated throughout Spectrum, allowing documents to be scanned and available anywhere within the software including accounting and project management.

Dexter + Chaney has been providing complete construction management software for more than 30 years. From the office to the field, from accounting to project management, Dexter + Chaney Spectrum® Construction Software is used by more than 1,000 companies from all segments of the industry—heavy highway and utility, general contractors, electrical, mechanical, and specialty subcontractors—and are companies of all sizes, from locally owned subcontractors to some of the world’s largest construction firms. The flexibility of Dexter + Chaney construction software allows contractors to create a software solution that suits their needs and works the way they do.

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FOUNDED IN 1902, Illinois-based Harold O’Shea Builders (O’Shea) started as a one-man operation focused on home renovations and additions that has grown into a full-service general contractor. O’Shea self-performs a variety of commercial construction work including earthwork, demolition, concrete, steel erection, carpentry and drywall. The company still operates a building services division with experts dedicated to smaller maintenance and remodeling projects. O’Shea remains committed to exceptional workmanship and keeping their internal operations as efficient as possible. Part of that commitment includes embracing technology that saves the company money and time.