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Mobile apps are significantly changing the way we go about our everyday business. They help us work faster and smarter from anywhere. So it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly adopting them to enhance their own operations. If you’re a contractor and you’re not using mobile apps now, think about this—your competitors probably are. Don’t get left in the dust. Here are three key reasons to go mobile.

  1. Keep Work Moving, No Matter Where You Are

    Mobile apps allow you to access and/or manipulate your data no matter where you are. Project management apps, for instance, can connect the office and field instantly, providing the most current, up-to-date plans, changes, and costs for a job.

    If you’re performing service work for HVAC, plumbing or electrical companies, special apps are available to keep you apprised of the latest information to do your work quicker and more efficiently. You can view the service instructions on your way to the site, as well as capture a signature for payment that can be directed back to the office. After that, you’re on to your next job. No paper, no filing, no-nonsense.

    One area where mobile apps have had significant impact is with payroll. With mobile payroll entry apps, a project manager or supervisor in the field can remotely enter employees’ hours, labor rates, union information and more. This ensures that payroll is entered quickly and takes some pressure off of the office staff.

    Today’s mobile technologies are helping to pave the way for more efficient, profitable projects. Vendors and employees are paid quicker, changes are addressed more quickly and efficiently, costs and cash flow is realized in real time and crews spend less time waiting for answers and more time doing the work.

  2. Clear, Real-Time Communication

    Mistakes happen and changes are the norm rather than the exception in construction. That’s why it is critical that your project teams be alerted about them immediately.

    Perhaps the wrong mix of cement is being used on the job and you are seconds away from pouring. What are you going to do? Or an important change order is issued, but you need to be sure everyone working on the project is aware of the change. Using mobile apps, the office can alert the field of new information and changes, and vice versa.

    There are also apps that allow you to share large construction plans and specs digitally and instantly in the field. This eliminates paper documents that can get lost, versioned beyond comprehension, or not shared with everyone on a project because there is only one working copy. These apps ensure that everyone on your project team is working from the latest, most relevant information.

    Mobile technologies are helping to reduce time-consuming recall, where you have to dig through countless old emails or hand-written notes, or track down and rely on multiple other people to get the information you need.

  3. Better Tracking, Allocation of Resources

    If you have multiple projects underway at the same time, chances are you have a lot of equipment, materials and people scattered around. What if one jobsite is in need of something located at another job site?

    Construction equipment tracking and preventative maintenance mobile apps allow you to keep tabs on your equipment, resources and workers. A few swipes on a tablet sure beats having to physically track down someone who holds the answers you need. With these apps synced to your software you can see in mere seconds how your heavy machines and workforce are being utilized. If one site doesn’t have enough going on to keep all of your equipment in use, then you know you can reallocate for increased productivity elsewhere.

    Mobile applications can also monitor critical equipment data such as fuel consumption, gauge and meter readings, and upcoming maintenance. This ensures you can keep your equipment running at its best and extending equipment lifecycles to maximize your long-term equipment investments.

Mobile technologies are here to stay, and it’s up to you and your business to put them to good use. If you don’t, others surely will be and rest assured, they could be taking your next job while you’re still searching for the data on your last one.

Are you using mobile applications to improve your operations?

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