Teamwork Makes The Dream Work - Best Construction CRM Software

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work - Best Construction CRM Software

During this time of year, it seems one thing is on everyone’s minds: football. From the casual fan to the die-hard face-painting types, people love to talk about the game they just watched. I think it’s great. The camaraderie, being a part of something bigger than yourself, the tightening of a community—these are all wonderful things. It all stems from teamwork. Everyone on a contending football team contributes to the team’s overall success with their own unique skills to accomplish something they couldn’t do alone.

I think at times we take teamwork for granted. It’s a favorite buzzword at meetings, events and other motivational opportunity moments, but I think the concept of teamwork has been beaten into us to the point that many of us expect it to “just happen.” We all want to think our employees work well with one another, but teamwork isn’t just something that just happens. It’s the product of hard work and dedication. It takes having a system in place that allows people to deliver the best results possible, and being able to work together.

As in football, a business needs a cohesive team to ensure things are getting done effectively and efficiently. We all play a different role to ensure all requirements of our business are being met. Just as a quarterback cannot usually kick field goals, accountants cannot usually operate heavy machinery, and vice-versa. We have things we are good at that no one else in the company can do. This diversity and specialization is vital to success but only works when all the diverse parts work together as a whole—as a team.

When I am asked about the future of construction software, I often find myself touching on teamwork. In speaking about our use of technology, I always stress how important it is that today’s software enables organizations’ many different departments and employees to stay connected and to effectively collaborate with each other. Things can become chaotic when the field team and office teams need information from each other. For example, when I present our Spectrum® Construction Software, I demonstrate how it has been designed to connect the different aspects of a business, from accounting through project management. Although not listed as a feature of the product, I’ve come to realize that teamwork is one of the things we try to help deliver to our clients.

While the year is still young, I think it’s a great time to evaluate how we cultivate and nurture teamwork within our businesses. A great team of people can be underutilized if you don’t have the right solutions in place to share and organize information. Conversely, you can have a great system in place for employees, but it won’t mean very much if it isn’t being used to its potential. The evaluation process for effective teamwork should always be ongoing, even if you are happy with the results you are getting.

With this in mind, what is your approach to teamwork in your organization?

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