Air Conditioning Unit Construction Contractors

As a professional in your field, you know that there will always be other businesses competing for the same project or selling a similar product. While the end result may be the same from business to business, the path to the finished project is something that can vary greatly. And that is what can make a difference with both your company’s reputation and revenues.

If you perform service work, for instance, you have the opportunity every day, with every service call, to set yourself apart from the average service construction contractor. It’s not just delivering results—it’s how you deliver them.

The technology-driven environment we live in has made it possible for software to significantly up the stakes in delivering superior service operations. From service managers to dispatchers to field technicians, innovative solutions are available to connect your entire team. It all starts when the call for service comes in. Creating a work order used to require pulling together information from calls, documents or systems to put together the puzzle for what work was needed, what equipment needed servicing, parts, labor site information and more. Today, emerging software programs are already equipped with innovative service management screens and easy-to-use work order templates that make handling all of the data behind service work a breeze. Dispatchers can get a complete record of customer information, service work needed and historical site and equipment data to technicians at job site, instantly—with a few mouse clicks.

So why is this important? As a service provider, you’re spending less time worrying about collecting and processing the data and more time actually servicing your clients. It makes it easy for the clients as well. When a service need arises, they call in and let you know and that’s it—you don’t have to keep them on the phone while you look up past work orders in disparate systems, or quiz them about the exact type of equipment you have on site or the serial number for replacement parts. It’s all there at your fingertips and your technicians can be on their way to save the day for your clients.

Mobile applications are helping technicians stay connected in the field. They can input data via tablet or smart phone devices right from the job site so that present and future service work runs faster and more smoothly. Technicians can also collect electronic signature capture from your clients, streamlining the service process and making it quicker to establish billing and payments on the back end. Service managers and dispatchers meanwhile can see alerts and other notes when service software is integrated with accounting systems.

Beyond the quickness and ease of use of technology, running your service department with this data-first approach builds strong relationships with your customers. They’ll be pleased when the work is done correctly, the first time. And when things go awry, you will be steps ahead of other contractors because you will have all the necessary data at your fingertips to resolve a problem before it becomes a disaster.

With hundreds, if not thousands of service construction contractors vying every day for the same customers, having a connected service program in place will help to differentiate you from the rest. Your company will be better organized and be able to connect with and build relationships with customers because the work is superior. This is the approach that turns the casual one-off customer into a life-long one.

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