Rite of Spring—Annual User's Conference

It’s that time of year again here at Dexter + Chaney. The dogwoods are blooming, the mountain snows (what little we had this year) are melting, training staff are giving practice presentations in our training room, account managers are calling through their client lists, and the marketing team is drinking extra coffee. It must be time for our annual Users’ Conference.

Every year, hundreds of our customers converge in Seattle for several days devoted to the use of our software. You might think I’d be used to this by now (this year marks our 19th consecutive conference). But every year I am in equal parts humbled by, and proud of, the number of folks willing to take most of a week (in most cases flying out to the Pacific Northwest) to immerse themselves in learning more about the product we produce.

So every year we make a point of asking as many of them as we can, “What brings you back to this conference each year?” Here’s what one regular attendee had to say when our marketing director called him on Skype to go on record about the conference.

What I’ve learned—and what I’m reminded of each year—is while our software and services may be the catalyst that brings all these people together, it is the connections that are made that make the real difference. The connections with colleagues, instructors, vendors, and friends. So while I remain proud that our software was the reason, this seasonal event is really about the people who come and make connections that last. I’m very proud to be a part of it.

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