Pieper-Houston Wins Award

At our Connect 2015 Users’ Conference (our 19th annual) a few weeks ago, we honored three companies as finalists for our Innovator Awards: Houston, Texas-based Pieper-Houston Electric L.P.; Cameron, Texas-based EBCO General Contractors Ltd.; and Seattle, Washington based Unity Electric Contractors and Engineers. The Innovator Award recognizes the innovative uses of our Spectrum® Construction Software and technologies by contractors that allow them to take their company’s success to the next level.

After watching videos we produced with each of these companies’ Pieper-Houston was selected by our management team as the 2015 Innovator Award winner—selected because of its effective use of Spectrum’s full functionality of business management, service management and project management applications. Pieper-Houston has been a client of ours for more than 20 years now and has grown its own business along with Dexter + Chaney, finding new ways to utilize Spectrum to aid its growth, including implementing new project management features to help manage its new pre-fabrication and pre-construction facility.

It is always great fun being able to work with these companies in producing the Innovator Award videos for the conference. Not only is everyone at these companies great to work with and hospitable by allowing us to invade their business, project sites and work spaces, but I get a first-hand look at just how our software is helping these companies operate, think outside the box, and plan for the future.

Hearing how our clients utilize our software in unique ways, how they were able to streamline their operations, or realize cost savings and stronger bottom lines is always great. Seeing it in action, at their business and realizing that the work we do with our software day in and day out has a real impact on the daily lives and functions of thousands of clients—that is something special.

Click on the videos below to see the stories behind this year’s Innovator Award honorees:

Pieper-Houston Electric

EBCO General Contractors

Unity Electric

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