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“We’re looking for the easiest way to simplify everything we do”—that sentence came from one of our clients as our annual Users’ Conference kicked off at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel early last week. He was shooting the breeze with the Dexter + Chaney marketing team as we were setting up. I had asked him what he was hoping most to take away from this year’s conference and his answer, while simple, spoke to the heart of what we strive to provide for our clients.

Dexter + Chaney has long reinvested in research and development in order to stay on the leading edge of technology. The last couple of years, however, have been especially exciting as we’ve added significant functionality to our web-based construction software platform. Launched several years ago, this was the industry’s first true browser-ready construction ERP software.

Since the launch, we’ve added powerful new features such as workflow management, job compliance tracking, enhanced project management capabilities, new service management and equipment management functionality, remote payroll tools, significantly expanded human resources management tools, specialized kiosks for employees, subcontractors and service technicians, a host of mobile applications, and much more.

We’ve also been busy working with a number of new technology partners, integrating with the latest, most advanced cloud-based technologies to provide our clients with a truly complete construction management package—one that gives them multiple options for how they want to process data and scale their business. Among these new partners are some industry leading firms such as Procore, Nelco, BirdDogHR, TopBuilder and FieldConnect.

Meanwhile, we’ve expanded our training and professional services offerings, with more personal training, educational opportunities and regional courses. We’ve grown our annual Users’ Conference to include more courses and personal training. We’ve boosted our already industry-leading support and technical services offerings by expanding hours and adding a new tier of service for our clients.

The goal of this work has been to provide what our aforementioned client was seeking—simplified business processes powered by leading-edge technologies. A solution that put the users in control of their data rather than their data controlling them.

Our mission to deliver simplicity through innovation and integration was on display at our Users’ Conference this year. Hundreds of clients, exhibitors, prospects, guests and employees gathered for educational courses, networking and learning opportunities. This year—the company’s 20th anniversary of the conference—featured two days of main-conference educational classes, product roundtables, one-on-one training sessions, development and integration partner exhibits, networking events and keynote speeches from CEO and co-founder John Chaney and award-winning speaker Connie Podesta.

The underlying question to our clients informing all the activities at the conference was, “How can we help you run your business smarter and easier?” Keeping things simple can be hard, and software that’s hard to use will hardly get used. So in each conference session, from basic to advanced, we strove to demonstrate the ways that our software was designed to keep things simple without sacrificing functionality. And while we never rest on our laurels, it is always nice to be recognized for these efforts. As Gary Crueger of Cascade Drilling, this year’s Dexter + Chaney Innovator Award winner, noted, “I’ve found it to be very easy. If it’s easy for me, it’s generally easier for my team.” Watch a special video on Cascade’s use of Spectrum HERE.

At the end of the Users’ Conference as we were packing everything up, I ran into the client I noted before and asked him how the conference went for him and if he got what he needed. He showed me a list he made when he came to the conference of questions to ask about how to use our software to simplify and streamline his operations. Every question was answered. He said he couldn’t wait to fly home and implement what he had learned. Paraphrasing his words: “Now that I understand the full potential of what our software can do, it’s going to save us months of work!”

That’s powerful simplicity personified.

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