Modernizing Recruiting and Retention Strategies Key to Today’s Business Success

Hiring and retaining the right people to efficiently complete upcoming projects and grow your business is a strategic balancing act. Thirty nine percent of U.S. employers report that they are having difficulty finding staff with the right skills. As daunting as this statistic is, it can also be viewed as an opportunity to grow and succeed. By updating current strategies and processes, HR professionals and company leaders can jump-start their business’ newfound success, initiatives and workforce development. The success of every company starts with their employees, and their success begins even before they are hired.

The recruitment process can be a very overwhelming and exciting time for both the employer and candidate. However, when recruitment becomes weighed down by the inability to find qualified applicants, it can be discouraging. Reaching, connecting and engaging with the modern job seeker can be challenging.

Embracing Modern Technology as Recruitment Tools

There are currently four generations in the workforce, and each communicates differently. It’s key to a company’s recruitment process to distribute job ads effectively in order to reach the appropriate candidates that could be the perfect fit.

According to Glassdoor’s Rise of Mobile Job Search survey in 2014, nine in ten job seekers say they will use their mobile device during the job search process. Of those nine people, 64 percent of them will search for jobs on social media channels. If open positions aren’t distributed correctly online, they aren’t being seen by potential candidates and ultimately, companies won’t fill their open positions with the most qualified talent.

In addition to distributing ads the most modern and efficient way, it’s also important to have a top-notch career page on your company’s website illustrating employer branding and the ability for candidates to apply and submit a resume online. It’s also vital to your company’s workforce development that a company’s career page is mobile-responsive and that job seekers can apply via a smartphone or tablet.

Technology is moving outside the realm of PCs and laptop computers and moving into a mobile stage. Only 13 percent of recruiting leaders say that they’ve invested enough in mobile-recruiting and with 50 percent of new job seekers looking for jobs on mobile devices, there’s a disconnect between what recruiters are providing and what job seekers need. Perhaps this could be a new opportunity for your company to stand out from the crowd.

Keeping Talent Long Term

Leaders and managers have much more on their plate than just overseeing what goes on at the operational level, they wear several hats. After recruitment comes engaging and retaining employees, then preparing them for promotion and succession. HR professionals and company leaders don’t have to do it all alone. An automated talent management solution can help a company recruit and attract qualified candidates, align individual goals with company strategy and improve workforce development all while simplifying the process.

Automating these operations using software eases employers of many of their responsibilities. Talent management software solutions can provide a systematic process for hiring, onboarding, engaging and retaining employees.

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