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2016 will see Business Intelligence (BI), the technology-driven process of analyzing data and presenting actionable information, take center stage in the construction industry. “The explosion in the sources of field data will have repercussions on the project management software platforms developed,” says John Chaney, co-founder, and CEO of Dexter + Chaney.

Mobile technology and cloud-based construction software that provides the most recent and relevant project information–on the go and in real time will become non-negotiable as more and more construction companies will adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) cultures. All of these devices represent new sources of information and more data to keep organized, resulting in the need for apps integrated with hosted applications. Each department, even individual workers, will have personalized dashboard views thanks to improved security and customizable permissions.

Construction project management software with automated workflows will make use of the growing amounts of information available to keep projects moving and reduce the time required to monitor project progress and follow up with individuals. Spectrum® Workflow utilizes intelligent workflow technology—routing tasks and approvals to specified people, groups, or even defined roles within the organization.

“The intelligent workflow designs that power our Spectrum Workflow functionality can help streamline processes and ensure you are not missing any important tasks or steps,” said Spectrum Product Manager Geoff Falk. “Workflows also help document and enforce segregation of duties throughout the organization, while still providing enough flexibility to handle the exceptions to every rule.”

Spectrum Workflow is completely customizable to each organization’s particular needs. Workflows can be easily changed to address individual needs or situations as they arise. Authorized users can also override pre-defined workflows or re-route tasks and approvals when necessary.

“Our clients have asked us for specific tools to help them enforce and automate processes in their companies,” said Chaney. “While we have built many of these into Spectrum over the years, the development of dedicated, definable workflows with Spectrum Workflow brings all of these tasks together in a uniform, manageable system that will help further automate users’ daily processes and procedures.”

Automating your workflows from a single, centralized, platform reduces the risk and associated costs of schedule delays, cost overruns, potential disputes, and rework. The magic of workflow automation is that it happens in real time. No waiting around for information—your team stays on top of every step in a project. It only takes one individual, one miscommunication to hold up an entire project. Workflow automation creates a permanent audit trail allowing project managers to identify outstanding tasks, communicate opportunities and avoid or resolve possible issues.

Construction companies & contractors must develop a culture of constant innovation and stay in touch with the latest tech trends to take full advantage of these new technologies.

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