Connecting with Clients

Today marks the first day of Dexter + Chaney’s Connect 2017 User Conference, and we are excited! This is a great time for our clients to get to know Dexter + Chaney employees, meet many of the companies we partner with, and network with other clients and industry professionals. As Spectrum users dive into learning how to get the most out of their software, they have the opportunity to share their experience with other users and become teachers themselves. This is what makes an event like this so amazing!

For those unfamiliar with a user conference, many software and technology companies provide these for their clients as a way to engage with them, offer deep-dive training, show new products and features and provide skill-based industry education and events. For large companies like Salesforce, Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, these conferences can be huge, attracting thousands, even tens of thousands of clients each year.

So, what makes the Dexter + Chaney experience different? It’s the community that has built up around Dexter + Chaney, the intimate nature of our training, and the ability to speak directly with those who create our software.

When Our Clients Speak, We Listen

Each year, Dexter + Chaney places a significant portion of its revenue back into research and development and delivering clients with the in-demand products and tools they need is the first priority. Beyond the typical training and educational courses we offer at Connect, we offer a variety of other ways for clients to directly influence our technology paths, and help us develop and build our flagship Spectrum® Construction Software into the construction ERP platform that our clients want:

  • Roundtables: every year we offer a series of Roundtable discussions where clients can talk about what they like about our software, new features they would like to see, or suggestions for improving Spectrum. Our development team records these ideas, many of which have driven changes and improvements to our software over the years.
  • One-on-ones: Client can schedule one-on-one training during the conference to speak with a trainer or product specialist to help them overcome a specific issue or discuss specific needs.
  • Computer Lab: We offer a computer lab with Spectrum preloaded onto machines so clients can explore new features, work with our support teams on issues, and learn how specific functionality in Spectrum works.
  • Development Lab: Our development lab gives users a sneak peek at in-progress developments, allowing clients to give immediate feedback on these features and what they would like to see.
  • Social Events: There are two evening social events where clients can network with their peers, industry leaders and Dexter + Chaney employees. Our executive and development teams attend these events, giving clients another opportunity for offer feedback to those directly involved with the development of our software.
  • Technology Partners: Dexter + Chaney partners with a number of construction software companies and organizations. Connect 2017 is a great time for clients to meet these partners. In addition to being a user conference, Connect is quickly becoming a small trade show. Clients are able to visit with our technology partners at their booths and learn more about their products and how they integrate with Spectrum. Meanwhile, organizations and associations like the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), industry publications like Construction Executive, and leading financial and CPA firms like Marcum, Moss Adams and CliftonLarsenAllen are all available to clients.

Dexter + Chaney has long been known for its focus on customers and maintaining an open-door environment with them. Our annual Connect User Conference is perhaps our greatest opportunity to hear from directly from our clients and we’re looking forward to hearing feedback and seeing what new ideas can be borne from this year’s event!

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