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White Papers

  • The Collaboration Question

    The word “collaboration” is nothing new to construction business owners. From titans of industry to owners of local two-person subcontracting shops, entrepreneurs agree that companies benefit from collaboration. Learn more about what collaboration really means in this Dexter + Chaney report.

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  • The Evolution of Business Intelligence

    Today’s information and decision-making are not the same as they used to be. The last 50 years of business technology have developed at an astounding pace—so quickly that it is hard to keep up. Download this industry white paper to learn more about the history of business intelligence and how it will be evolving in the future.

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  • Construction Project Management on the Cutting Edge

    The lifeblood of any construction company is the construction project itself. How those projects are managed can make or break the company. That makes project managers (or in some companies, project sponsors who oversee teams of project managers) arguably the most important role in an organization. In this white paper, Dexter + Chaney explores the role of technology in project management and current market trends. Download the white paper to learn more.

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  • The How and Why of Employee Engagement—6 Trends to Get You on Track

    Engaging your employees in their daily tasks is critical, as high engagement results in top quality work and high retention rates. Engaging employees should start on day one and continue through every day of employment. Is your employee engagement strategy the best it could possibly be? If not, check out 6 employee engagement trends to get you on track to success.

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  • Navigating the Construction Industry’s Talent Shortfall

    Fewer workers are returning to the industry, and training new generations of laborers could become a daunting challenge. It has become one of key issues for the industry to address for the present-day and long-term health of companies. How are companies turning to millennials & technology to bridge the skilled labor gap?

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  • Under The Hood—How Well Do You Know Your Software Engine?

    This article, by Dexter + Chaney’s John Chaney, will take you on a tour of today’s software engines to help you become familiar with how cloud-enabled and mobile friendly products work and what questions to ask as a confident and informed consumer.

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  • Powering the Virtual Assembly Line

    A little more than a century ago, Henry Ford revolutionized the concept of manufacturing by introducing the assembly line at the Highland Park, Mich., plant of his Ford Motor Company. he idea was to speed the production and worklows behind the creation of automobiles by using interchangeable parts and following a series of logical steps to assemble those parts together into a inished product. Today, Ford’s assembly line concept is a mainstay of manufacturing worldwide—from cars to furniture, computers and more.

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  • Active Business Intelligence

    At first glance, workflow appears to be a straightforward concept—a well-defined progression of activities that move a task or project from start to completion. Creating these well-defined workflows is easier in some industries than others.

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  • Widening the App: Developers Extend the Value Of Management Software

    In the construction industry, mobile apps are being used to connect the field and the office. Contractors are using apps as part of their larger software systems for business, project and equipment management. Like the world at large, apps designed for construction now come in many different “flavors.”

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  • Technology Tune Up

    Keeping up with the latest technologies is a characteristic of a successful contractors. In this article, John Chaney talks about cloud technology, mobility and where construction software is going.

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  • The Mobile Office

    Imagine this scenario: a team of highly skilled electrical contractors are working feverishly to complete a new commercial building install when a conflict arises.

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  • Develop a House United

    Technology is aiding field-office collaboration by making construction data accessible, relevant and timely. John Chaney explores this topic in a contributed article for Construction Business Owner Magazine.

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