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Take Control with Spectrum® Construction Software

With Spectrum Construction Software, Take Control of Your Cashflow

Take Control of Cash Flow with
Spectrum Construction Accounting Software

Construction accounting goes way beyond debits and credits. Moving money to the bottom line and keeping cash flow positive across all your jobs means having complete visibility into your operations. With Spectrum Construction Accounting, you have the tools you need to stay on top of job costs, WIP reporting, committed costs and earned revenue. Gain the intelligence you need to keep jobs profitable and the bottom line healthy. See how cloud-based and mobile-friendly Spectrum software works for you wherever work takes you.

With Spectrum Construction Software, Take Control of Your Cashflow

Collaboration Made Easy with Spectrum Project Management

Simple project setup, tools to maintain vendors and contracts, real-time job costing, powerful document management and collaborative tools to ensure constant communication and up-to-date data from conception to closeout—these are just a few of the reasons to consider Spectrum’s Project Management functionality.

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How Customer Feedback and Input Drives Our Software Development

Today marks the first day of Dexter + Chaney’s Connect 2017 User Conference, and we are excited! This is a great time for our clients to get to know Dexter + Chaney employees, meet many of the companies we partner with, and network with other clients and industry professionals. As Spectrum users dive into learning how to get the most out of their software, they have the opportunity to share their experience with other users and become teachers themselves. This is what makes an event like this so amazing!

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