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Take Control with Spectrum® Construction Software

With Spectrum Construction Software, Take Control of Your Cashflow

Take Control of Cash Flow with
Spectrum Construction Accounting Software

Construction accounting goes way beyond debits and credits. Moving money to the bottom line and keeping cash flow positive across all your jobs means having complete visibility into your operations. With Spectrum Construction Accounting, you have the tools you need to stay on top of job costs, WIP reporting, committed costs and earned revenue. Gain the intelligence you need to keep jobs profitable and the bottom line healthy. See how cloud-based and mobile-friendly Spectrum software works for you wherever work takes you.

With Spectrum Construction Software, Take Control of Your Cashflow

Collaboration Made Easy with Spectrum Project Management

Simple project setup, tools to maintain vendors and contracts, real-time job costing, powerful document management and collaborative tools to ensure constant communication and up-to-date data from conception to closeout—these are just a few of the reasons to consider Spectrum’s Project Management functionality.

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Some managers believe that the best methods for empowering employees are training and mentoring. No doubt this has an impact, but outside of all that extra wisdom managers are imparting to their teams, how else can employees be empowered? It might hurt to hear, but sometimes all your employees really need is the right tool for the job and for you to get out of their way. In these cases, the right tool is information.

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    Change can be a daunting challenge for employees—and for the managers who must lead through it. In 2017, it is impossible to run a business without the expectation of change, especially in...

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