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Take Control of Cash Flow with
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Construction accounting goes way beyond debits and credits. Moving money to the bottom line and keeping cash flow positive across all your jobs means having complete visibility into your operations. With Spectrum Construction Accounting, you have the tools you need to stay on top of job costs, WIP reporting, committed costs and earned revenue. Gain the intelligence you need to keep jobs profitable and the bottom line healthy. See how cloud-based and mobile-friendly Spectrum software works for you wherever work takes you.

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The Green Building Trend, No Longer Just Trendy

The phrase “going green” has become commonplace in today’s business environment. Yet it still yields mixed reactions, from rolled eyes to glowing words of approval. Like it or not, the green movement is here to stay—no longer just a trendy fad touted by environmentalists and college students. Construction is one of the most impacted, as well as one of the most actively engaged industries of the green revolution.

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Spectrum Update

  • Job Compliance Tracking

    Job Compliance Tracking is a powerful new Spectrum tool to digitally manage all of your project’s compliance documents. Alerts and automatic workflows ensure compliance documents are always up to date and that work being done is in full compliance of laws, regulations, and contractual agreements.

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Latest News

“What Dexter + Chaney has shown over the years on a repetitive basis is the response to input from their customers. They listen to not just our feedback, but feedback from other companies.”

Wayne Warner
Unity Electric Contractors & Engineers
Seattle, Washington

“What I love about Spectrum is that for all of my jobs, everything I want to know is right there at my fingertips very quickly.”

Denise Allison
Senior Manager, Cost Accounting
EBCO General Contractors, Ltd.
Cameron, Texas

“A huge benefit for us is the cloud-based (platform). Our project manager can write the purchase order on site, logged in through his tablet or through his laptop. That disconnect from office to field has been bridged with Spectrum.”

Dallas Williams
General Manager, Red Deer Office
Scott Builders, Inc.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“What we need right now is simple technology, user-friendly technology…and that’s why we went with Dexter + Chaney.”

John Friedel
Baldwin Paving
Marietta, Georgia

“Dexter + Chaney has always been there and have evolved along with us.”

Rick Kloss
Pieper Houston Electric L.P.
Houston Texas

“Our operations and our management people are able to access Spectrum and get the information they need right away. They don’t have to wait for somebody in accounting to take the time to write up or type up a report or a spreadsheet to get it for them – they can get it immediately. With Spectrum, we can get a lot more work done.”

Dori Seegar
Accounting Manager
Yale Mechanical
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Spectrum gives me the tools I need to query the database and access virtually any piece of data I need to build a report. Whether they’re pre-built or customized, Spectrum’s reporting capabilities really allow us to get as deep into the data as we want.”

Steve Drouin
Director of IT
Interstate Electrical Services Corporation
Billerica, Massachusetts

“We went with Spectrum’s Document Imaging and now it’s so streamlined that today if a customer calls in and has a question about an order, we can immediately go in and pull up the invoice and the tickets associated with it. It’s saving time, it’s saving us storage and it’s saving us money.”

Mike Sanson
IT and HR Manager
Midwest Concrete Materials
Manhattan, Kansas